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Hey guys.. A friend of mine just bought a coolpix 4100. Now I had a spare SD memory card.

512 MB Kingston Elite Pro SD.

So I sold it to him.. But now the card doesn't work in the coolpix 4100. Is anyone familiar with this problem? I couldn't find any firmware too, is there anyway to get the camera to expect the card? A solution would be great.


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I wonder if the memory card just needs to be formatted in the 4100.

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Maybe they already tried formatting it. But then again, it wasn't mentioned so it's possible that they didn't.

Anyhow...does the card work in your own camera? If it does, then maybe you can hop down to the camera shop with your camera, and show them that the card works in your camera first...so that they believe you. Then put the card into one of their demo 4100 cameras (and any other nikons that they might have). Or stick the card into some other cameras of your friends. Just to check it out.
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Memory cards can be funny that way. Brands CAN make a difference. Not that one brand is inherantly better for all cameras, but some will work fine in one camera but not in another. Don't know the technicals of it, but I have seen some discussion on this site somewhere before. Check in the 'memory cards' section or possibly in the 'Panasonic' forum. I know I saw it somewhere. Bottom line. If it's not a 'format' oversite, it's probably that the Nikon just doesn't 'like' the card.
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I have had little problems with 256 mb verbatim sd card in 4100. Sometimes following error message will be shown in LCD "This card can not be read". then i have to shut down the camera and start it again and the problem is solved.

In user manual recomended cards are san disk, toshiba and panasonic. 512 MB high speed card is only mentioned under panasonic.

maybe 4100 is little picky about memory cards

good luck!
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