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HughesInNC Mar 28, 2005 7:07 AM

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OK, so I ran into a dilema (Probably more of a quandry) the other morning, as I was trying my hand at time lapse photography with my 8800. If my interval was set to snap a frame every 30 seconds, and I let it record for an hour, how long would the QuickTime movie be? After a cup of coffee, and some thought, I calculated the QuickTime movie would be 4 seconds long (At 30 FPS). Now, what if I changed the internal to 60 seconds, and let it record for 30 minutes, how long would THAT QuickTime movie be? Again, after some calculation, I figured the Quicktime movie would be 1 second long. And, as I thought of other scenarios, I thought it would be best if I created a spreadsheet that I could quickly reference to find out this information.

So, attached is a quick and dirty spreadsheet that may help you in determining settings for your time lapse photogragpy endeavors. It shows you the interval timer setting, real time recording length, and movie time length in an easy to read (At least I think so) format. As with all subjects within this forum, all comments are welcome.

fsc1 Mar 28, 2005 12:48 PM

thanks for providing the time lapse chart.I have bought a 3700 3 months before, but still havent tried the time lapse feature .but now i will, as i have got the AC adaptor which is must for big time lapse movie.

faisal sheraz

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