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When I use the camera to take pictures they sometimes come out REALLY REALLY grainy. However, I have no idea why. It is set to Fine quality already. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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It's probably just ISO speed (unless you're shooting at alower resolution and trying to print, which can also cause a grainy image). Make sure to shoot at your camera's highest resolution and send the full resolution image to the printer whenever possible.

In lower light conditions, the camera's auto ISO is amplifying the signal from the CCD (so that it can use faster shutter speeds to help reduce the possibility of motion blur).

Increasing ISO speed increases noise levels (very similar to film grain), just asfaster ISO (a.k.a, ASA) speed film is grainier.

With a digital camera, this has to do with how strong of a signal the sensor generates (which is based on the amount of light hitting the photosites). If the signal is too weak (or you need to amplify it), then it can introduce noise. Likewise underexposed areas of an image can be noisy.

You can manually set ISO Speed to a lowervalue to reduce noise. But, remember that this can force longer shutter speeds (each timethe ISO speed is doubled, the camera can use shuttter speed twice as fast for any given lighting condition and aperturesetting).

So, be careful if you're not using a tripod (and/or your subject is not stationary) in less than optimum lighting if you set ISO speed to a lower value.

There are a number of tools designed to help reduce the appearance of noise in images when higher ISO speeds are needed You'll find some popular ones here:




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Thanks. I'll try those tips!
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