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Ok, I caved in and I bought a +4 (single element) diopter from Cokin. Technically it should produce greater magnification than the 6T and 5T combined, but the image quality should suffer. Anyways, it wouldn't be right if I didn't do some tests and share them. So I decided to really go all out. I've tested the 6T, 5T, the +4 and all sorts of combinations of the three... including all three stacked of course, as well as the camera on its own.

I had to find a good subject so what better than my green shields?
I have also included a link to the fullsize (compressed JPEG low quality). Except for the first fullsize scene at 1.5meg, all the full size images range between 250 and 250kb each. I also realise that for some shots the quality is somewhat lacking, regardless of image compression. I place this more at the fault of the weather as it is quite windy out, but there is definitely a drop in quality when using the +4 (compared to the 5T or 6T).

For every image I also measured the distance from me to the bugs centimeters. I tried each option at both the closest focusing and the furthest (infinity) focusing settings. The measurements were from the end of the lens (or attached lenses) to the centre of the shieldbugs. Without any lenses attached I tried the closest focusing settings at wide angle and at telephoto - infinity would have meant standing three gardens away.

I hope this helps people who are trying to work out magnification, working distance, etc with the various lenses.

First image - circled in red the location of the mating shield bugs. You can actually make them out in the full size shot.


Placed on the ground was a centimeter ruler, each coloured section is 10cm, I have split each of these by the blue lines, and marked off 0cm, 50cm, 100cm (1metre) and 1.5metres.

On to the show!
1. Camera on its own, wide angle - I have read that 3cm is as close as possible but my measurement comes in at around 1cm from the lens - this could be partly because the 3cm is from the sensor not the lens, but also I have the nextphoto adapter and a UV filter attached.


2. Camera on its own, telephoto - 98cm from subject.

Full size:

3. 5T - infinity: 67cm

Full size:

4. 5T - close focus: 37.5cm

Full size:

5. 6T - infinity: 33cm

Full size:

6. 6T - close focus: 24cm

Full size:

7. +4 - infinity: 25cm

Full size:

8. +4 - close focus: 19cm

Full size:

9. 6T + 5T - infinity: 22cm

Full size:

10. 6T + 5T - close focus: 16cm

Full size:

11. +4 + 5T - infinity: 18.5cm (no sample)

12. +4 + 5T - close focus: 14.5cm

Full size:

13. +4 + 6T - infinity: 13.5cm (no sample)

14. +4 + 6T - close focus: 11cm

Full size:

15. All three lenses - infinity: 10cm

Full size:

16. All three lenses - close focus: 8cm

Full size:

Now, don't say I never do anything productive
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WOW! The detail is still very amazing, even on the last photo with all three lenses.

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Hi Steve,

your review of macro pictures with Nikon 8800 is just wonderful. I have been looking for info on real macro (not close up) using Nikon 8800 that I just purchased.

I tried to take pictures using +1 +2 +4 diopters, but the result was not what I wanted. Where will I be able to purchase a T5 and T6 for the Nikon 8800??

I thank you in advance for you help.

Best regards


[email protected]

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