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If you have a Nikon 8700 please check this out and see if your camera is the same. Either way, please let me know.

I have a Nikon 990 and a Nikon 4500 so I am not a complete novice. I also have built and worked on computers since the 80s.

Last year my wife died and as I was doing a picture memorial DVD of her for the relatives, I noticed the graininess I was getting when cropping a picture of her and then enlarging the picture.

So, Ibought a Nikon 8700 because it had an advertised file size of 4 megabytes at the highest jpg setting.

Upon doing some test shots, I noticed I was not getting 4 megabytes.
The advertised and printed manual file size for 8M/FINE is 4 megabytes and [/b]
The lower right of LCD should read:[/b]

FINE [/b]


Camera Book[/b] Actual[/b]

FINE 4M 2.68M

FINE 3M 2.92M

FINE 2M 1.17M

FINE 960K 700K

FINE 630K 539K

FINE 420K 315K

FINE 190K 136K

FINE 4M 2.37M

Please notice the smaller than 4M file size of 8M/FINE. Also notice the 5M/FINE file size is bigger than 8M/FINE by about 240K!!!

I called Nikon tech support. Was on the phone quite a while as the seemingly inexperienced guy put me on hold about 4 times.

The answer I got was the compression software in the camera processes the pictures differently for each picture and at each setting!

On the surface that sounds plausible. The more I think about it, it doesn't seem possible that there could be that much difference as I shot the same scene for each of the above actual file sizes.

As this is software inside the camera, it should and could be corrected by firmware.

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