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i am almost ready to go for my ist camera purchase

any camera from NIKON u guys wud recommend which beats panasonic fz20 in price and performance or even comes closer

price factor is important + 12x stabalised zoom

i am lookin for answer guys

i wud love to go for a nikon if u guys can find me A replacement for panasonic fz20
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The Nikon 8800 doesn't beat the panasonic on price, and it doesn't beat it on performance, but it most definitely beats it on features, and most importantly it is the top dog in image quality.

It's debateable which is better or worse, but the VR image stabilisation in the 8800 is at least as good (if not better) than panasonic's stabilisation - only a 10x zoom however.
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thnx buddy

but well i need more information anyhelp guys

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I'd read the review conclusion sections, where you'll find a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of a given model (startup times, Autofocus Speed/reliability, cycle times with and without flash, flash useability, EVF/LCD useability, image quality indoors and outdoors, etc.).

The Panasonic probably has the advantage inexisting light (it's lens is more than twice as bright as the Nikon8800at longer focal lengths --since it's able to maintain a constant f/2.8 aperture throughout the zoom range). The Panasonic also has an Autofocus Assist Lamp.

But, in better light (and/or conditions where your subject is staitionary or you're using a flash), the Nikon would make a great choice.

The Nikon 8800 also has a higher resolution sensor, and some unique modes that come in handy (for example, their Best Shot Selector feature, which allows you to take multiple photos in rapid succession, with the camera saving the sharpest image).

I've owned more than one Nikon model with this feature (Coolpix 950, 990), and it's really nice (allowing me to get sharper photos than I would be able to get otherwise without a tripod). I can imagine that combining both VR (Vibration Reduction) and BSS (Best Shot Selector) could give some really nice results without a tripod at slower shutter speeds.

No one model is going to be best in all conditions. I'd suggest deciding what features are more important to you -- reading the review conclusion sections hereto get a better idea of strengths and weaknesses for a given model.

Then, make sure to try out models you consider in a store. It's hard to gauge how well a user would like one model versus another if they don't actually try the cameras on for size. ;-)

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