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:|Hi, the Nikon 5900 pics from using the flashwhere it'sdark or night timecreate lightbulbs from the eyeballs.People look like aliens with glowing eyes.

Can anyone tell me if there's a flash setting or something to eliminate the lightbulb effect of the eyeball? It's not at all related to the red eye which I'm aware of.

I use arcsoft photostudio 5 to correct the lightbulb effect but it'stime consuming.
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I get a lot of that with asmall camera I use (Konica KD-510z).

Most software packages with a redeye reduction feature don't handle white/yellow reflections very well.

As a general rule, when it's bad, I'll try Irfanview first. You can download it from http://www.irfanview.com (make sure to download the free plugins, too).

Don't use the defaults for redeye reduction. Instead, go to Image, Effects, Effects Browser and select Redeye Correction from the list of effects.

This lets you adjust the amount of correction being applied (and sometimesI'll use different settings betweentwo eyes on the same subject).

It seems todo a better jobof correcting white/yellow eye problems from flash reflections compared to most software with similar features (since most seem to lean more towards reducing red only).

If it's bad enough thatIrfanview won't handle it, I'll goto Epson Film Factory. It's redeyecorrection seems to be thebest I've found at reducing yellow/white refections, without a lot of work (i.e., using some of the tools built into Paint Shop Pro, etc.).

But, you have to be very carefulnot to have it set any higher than needed (selecting only the eyes when possible), or you'll get artifacts around the eyes (black circles, etc.).

Epson included this software (Epson Film Factory) with many products. They also sell it separately and have a trial version.


Try Irfanview first (it's free).

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