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I just purchased a Nikon 5900 and about half of the first photos taken were blurry. After reviewing in Photoshop I found that many of the photos taken in the shade on a sunny day were exposed at 1/30 to 1/50 sec at f7.3. All photos were taken in the AUTO mode and the flash did not fire.

I believe the camera should have either selected a shutter speed higher than 1/60 sec or the flash should have fired. I called Nikon Tech Support and the first person I talked with told me the camera was designed to work that way. I called again and spoke with another person who said they felt something was wrong but could not confirm how the camera selected shutter speed and aperature settings in low light.

I plan to return the camera. I am uncertain whether the camera is actually defective or not. If it is defective I am willing to try another. If this is normal operation I don't want the camera.

Has anyone else experiened this problem with the 5900? How about the 7900?
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It isn't normal. That shouldn't happen on any camera in normal program mode. I went through some photos in pbase and it should be down to f2.8 by 1/60. Here is an example: http://www.pbase.com/image/43979702

You can go through the 5900 photos yourself – most have EXIF: http://www.pbase.com/cameras/nikon/coolpix_5900

Read through your camera manual and check your settings. Somescene modes on some cameras make the lens opening smaller to optimize depth of field.

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Thanks for the reply. All photos were taken in the AUTO mode and shot after shot of photos in the shade were 1/30, 1/35, 1/45 or 1/50. Obvoiusly, all were blurred. The only decent shots were in full sun or so dark that the flash fired. Open shade was a problem.

I found I could force the camera to malfunction by taking photos under our patio. If I moved to the dark corner and depressed the shutter button, the red flash light would come on and the flash would fire to correctly expose the photo. If I moved back several feet to where the red flash light just turned off and took a photo without flash, the shutter speed would consistently be 1/30 at f2.8 with no flash.

I would be curious to know how your camera would function in the same situation. It bothers me that one Nikon Tech Support person said this is normal for this camera. I think it is a defect.
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