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Hi CoolPixers!

Sorry, if annoying, but I was advised to repeat my question here as well.
So I do...

I spent some hours searching the Internet and trying to figure out
if these two would work together - no definite answer yet,
some people suggest this flash as a cheaper option for CP-8800
but they are not sure usually (yet the same story at this forum).

At Sigma's web-site there is a compatibility chart for both flashes:


but those include information on (d)SLR cameras only, not compact ones
(with built-in lenses) like CP-8800.

Could anyone, please, give me an advice on this issue?
Thanks in advance!
well, at the local store they told me that this Sigma flash (while having i-TTL) would not react properly to what the camera says to it (i.e. under/overshoot) - sounds really strange to my ears... isn't i-TTL a standart communication protocol?

(I also have additional hesitations so that I cannot to rely on this opinion from the store - the guy did not even know that this Sigma flash is available for Nikons with i-TTL)

still waiting for an advice...
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Hi again,

While it is not clear about those Sigma EF-500 DG's, I am wondering
how important (for myself, of course) is this i-TTL support.

I am not a professional, otherwise I would have bought D70/100 or some Canon.
So, my requirements for flash are rather simple. I just want to have a strong
flash with its head freely rotatable (not just up/down but also left/right) in order
to make nice soft-light indoors photos of my family.
The flash is, of course, to be operational from the camera (basically),
but I would survive with manual zooming etc. Perhaps, I do not need
that sophisticated stuff. This is actually why I do not want to pay for
Nikon's SB-600/800.

May-be, someone could advise me the simplest freely rotatable flash
that would still work on CP-8800?
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I too refused to pay near half as much for the SB-800 flash as I paid for the camera.
I invested in a Wynn-safesync and have been getting very good results with my old Vivitar 283.
If you use the camera on manual, the automatic function on the flash gives you fairly good exposure control.

This lets you "get back to basics".
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Hi GregHal

Thank you for your reply!
Yes, this is exactly what I wanted, to use some simple (maybe old) rotatable
flash on my CP-8800. However, I am not as lucky with my older flash (it is
probably too old for any digicam, although it still works well on my old Zenith).
Yet, I could not find any cheap substitution in shops around here (after some
bad experience with Internet shopping I do not dare to order from abroad).
Any freely rotatable flash they sell nowadays is so much sophisticated in
features that it merely cannot cost less than a couple 100's USD (or Euro).
But then another 50 don't make a big difference. So I am practically "forced"
to go for Nikon's SB-600 which, at least, is in the compatibility list of CP-8800.

I suppose this is an example of how well Nikon's tactics work: if you are about
to buy a new flash for CP-8800 (which has a "standart" i-TTL shoe!), then you
discover very soon that nothing is really compatible with it except for Nikon
dedicated flashes, i.e. the most expensive ones.

Well, anyhow I am glad that something else worked out for you!
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