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Default Nikon 5700 - shutter release delay

What is the correct termology for the delay period from point shutter is released until picture is taken? How is this measured and how is it identified in the cameras specs?[list]What is the value of this spec for the Nikon 5700, and how do I judge it's merits? I would like to purchase the 5700 but want to know how it performs in this department. PS I currently have an Olympus 3030 and this delay time is too long for me to get decent pictures of my highly mobile grandchildren, I want to avoid that problem in my next camera. Sure appreciate any help you folks can pass on. Michael
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I own a CP5700 - and to be frankly with you, you shouldn't buy the 5700 if you need to take pics with movements. The cameras shutterdelay is not the problem here - the autofocus is. It will go back and forward lots of time untill you will be able to push the button.
The CP5700 indeed is an excellent camera, but with it's capabillities to focus - and especially in low light - you will grow grey hair in no time. It takes a lot of time to get used to.
All that said - rumours shows that Nikon in a couple of month will present a firmware update that kills the low light problem...

For your need I would go for a Minolta D7hi - it has manual focus and zoom. Of course you won't get the excellent Nikon picturequality which is the best IMO in the class at this time. The Minolta suffers from noise - but that can be overcome with software like NeatImage and some presettings.
Good luck on your quest.
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Default CP5700 Slowwwww aspecialy in the dark

If you like to take photographs of any quick moving object, aspecialy children, forget the CP5700. It's always too late!!!
My Canon S40 is faster. I took my CP5700 back en bought the Nikon D100. The best camera I've ever layed my hands on.
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