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Hi Coolpixers!

I am just wondering if anyone uses D-lighting option on CP models,
or maybe you prefer to lighten the shadows up with software like Photoshop?

However, my question is not merely because I am curious.
As a matter of fact, I am used (prefer) to underexpose a little (-1/3 ... -2/3),
expecially when shooting in bright sunlight. This way it is usually possible
to stretch (or should I say "release"?) the dynamic diapason quite a bit,
not to loose the details in highlight. Afterwards, on computer I could always
compensate for the effect by playing with levels and/or curves.
Even in Jpegs shaded areas could be well corrected this way.

This practice worked well for me until I bought Nikon CP-8800
(I was mostly using Minolta S-414, but I tried some Canons and
Panasonic FZ10 too). My problem with CP-8800 is that, to my surprise,
this camera has the steepest contrast curve (for shades at least) I ever saw,
even with the lowest contrast setting. To my eye, CP-8800 also tends
to oversaturate the highlights and undersaturate the rest.
Therefore, whenever I am trying to use my "safe-light" technique,
finally I am getting greyish (if not completely grey) details in shadows.

As the last thing to try, I played a bit with D-lighting function,
but it gives oddly worse results - grainy and too contrasty - if I compare
to what I could achieve with software on PC.

So, I am actually wondering if anyone experiences similar inconvenience
with CP-8800 or other digicams from Nikon (for me it is quite irritating
if not frustrating), and how do you deal with this then?

Helpful advices/opinions or hints are very welcome!

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