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Hi all, I have a quick question about the Nikon 5900 and 7900. After reading quite a bit of both expert and user reviews, articles from both groups have complained about the cameras having trouble focusing in low light situations, and in addition even taking poor photos after the focusing problem has been overcome. (dpreview.com and dcresource.com had some things to say about it for example).

Here's the thing: I trust Steve's word in his reviews over the other review sites because his reviews are always so comprehensive and have been correct for previous cameras I have bought. He didn't mention anything about the issue. Is it something to worry about?

I have two examples of what kind of pictures I will be taking:

The first is from my 1MP Sharp TM150 cell phone, and the second is from my friend's HP $100 camera that he got a long time ago.

Will the 5900 and 7900 be able to take acceptable pictures in this situation? I have a Coolpix 5400 that I will be using for most of the outdoor shots that the 5900/7900 excel in, so this will more than likely be an all-indoor camera with the above pictures as examples of the lighting conditions.

I was looking into the Canon SD300 and SD400 as options as well, but they cost more, have issues with cracked LCDs that I would like to avoid, have less-than-pleasing battery life, and do not have all of the cool features that the Nikon offers. So will I be ok with the 5900 or 7900 for indoor photography? Is there a better (ultra-compact) option for $200-350?

Thank you for all of your help!

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