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I just recently bought a Sony DSC-W5 which I thought was great I mean USB 2.0 2.5"TFT screen, Half the Shutter speeds of the 5900

But my W5 just won't stop giving me a Vibration WARNING.

I was considering Exchaning at CompUSA my W5 for a Nikon.

The Nikon has glowing reviews, But what about BLURRY Pics,

I'd like to take pics of moving cars and Sports I'd hope the 5900's Sports mode can do this.

From what a I gather as a beginer, I think taking Night Shots of fast moving objects is out of teh question on the Nikon 5900.

As far as I can tell the Sony W5 and Nikon 5900 are neck and neck, I just want a camera that doesn't blurrr every pic.

Whats gives
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The shake warning is telling you there isn't enough light to handhold the camera without blurring the image with camera shake.

The W5 is f2.8 at wide to f5.2 at telephoto. The 5900 is f2.8 wide to f4.9 at telephoto. Basically they will give you the same shutter speed in the same situations.

Outdoors in bright light the sports mode will modify the program to generate as much shutter speed as possible from the available light. There is one brand of camera where the sports mode goes for depth of field rather than shutter speed and I don't remember which brand it is – whatever brand does that it is dumb and hopefully there is another choice in the scene modes that will optimize your shutter speed.

Indoors, light that your eyes have adapted to and looks fine isn't sufficient for the camera. Most cameras will give the same blurry pictures under those conditions – the Sony is just kind enough to warn you. You will not fare any better with the Nikon. Neither camera has very good full autofocus shutter lag at telephoto, but the Sony is a little faster. That might be a factor for sports.

There are only two models available that will get your indoor shots. The Panasonic FX7/8/9 has stabilization that lets you handhold at lower shutter speeds. The Fuji F10 will shoot at higher ISO for both indoor and sports photography. Neither camera has a viewfinder other than the LCD, and that isn't very good for sports.

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Thank you so much I appreciate the info more than you know,

I have managed to Manualy adjust the W5's mode and can caputre fast moving vehicles nicely

an option the 5900 does nt have but I m still unsure which one is best they are so closey matched
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