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Default [b]Nikon CoolPix 885 RedEye Problems[/b]

I recently purchased a coolpix 885 and I am very disappointed with the amount of "red-eye" i get when taking pictures. Thie red-eye is extremely bad when taking pics of children. It's at the point where I can't use it for taking family pictures(which is one on my main uses). I can fix the pictures during post-processing but that's not what I wanted in a digital camera. I want to shoot and print. The red-eye reduction lamp doesn't help much either. Also the color red seems overly saturated, which I can live with. But if I can't resolve the red-eye problem I'm going to have to invest in another camera and hope I don't run into the problem again

Any suggestions on fixing the problem or another camera

Thanks for any help
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Default RE: Nikon CoolPix 885 RedEye Problems

Unfortunately, most point and shoot cameras digital or film have built in flashes that are very close to the lens. This means the light is at the same angle as the lens. This causes red-eye. The red eye reduction light only reduces the effect by causing the pupils to contract before the main flash goes off. Children, animals, and people with light eyes (blue) are most affected. The best way to get rid of red eye is to have the flash mounted at a diffrent angle than the lens. That's why you see the very tall flash mounts on wedding photographers' cameras.

What does this mean for you? You need to get a camera that can use an external flash or get a camera that has an internal flash that pops up. The best solution is using an external flash. I hope this helps.

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