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HI. Will be using my Nikon 8800 at the PGA on Tuesday to take some pictures of the pros. What would be my best settings to do this. Want to get the best color shots possible. Should I just use Landscape and Auto for most shots? Or should I think about changing the ISO and White Balance? Thanks alot for your input.:roll:
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I would first try the Scene -> Sports mode. With this mode, it puts the camera in continuous burst mode, taking about 1.7 pics a second (Or, something close to that)while the shutter button is depressed. I've taken pics of skate boarders (OK, I admit, the kids) using this setting, and it worked pretty well for me.
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Just think about these issues:
1) the shutter lag of CP-8800 is about 0.2-0.3 sec (as reported by some reviewers), and it is not a big issue, indeed;
2) the long write-to-card time (about 6-8 secs for one RAW-file at full 8M res.) is much more annoying if one wants to shoot action really continuously, meaning smoothly, not just 3-5 frames each 2-3 minutes;
3) the only possible (but still half-way) get-around is not to shoot action in RAW nor even EXTRA Jpeg, but to choose FINE Jpeg instead, which takes much less time for writing one image and "sort of acceptable" for series too; yet, be patient to wait for some seconds between 5-frame series before CP-8800 allows you to do whatever you want next.
That's how it is with the speed... :roll:

Other parameters you can leave at AUTO, except for:
1) saturation - choose "-1" if you prefer really natural colour ("normal" gives oversaturated bright/clean colours such as reds, greens and blues);
2) do not allow ISO > 100 (200 at most), if you want clear pictures;
3) I prefer contrast "low"="-1" (not ot lose details in overlighten areas/spots), but it is more the matter of taste, I suppose...

Good luck! :?
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