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Thanks for the input.

Is it for sure that the 8800 replacement won't have video capabilites? The reason I was leaning towards an SLR-like camera versus a DSLR is b/c I travel a LOT and would prefer to be able to have zoom capabilites w/o having to carry around so many lenses. I prefer to ravel light. Thoughts? Do you know of an article that talks about the 8800 replacement?
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I'm basing my thoughts on Sony's new DSC-R1 model, using their new 10 MP, APS-sized sensor. This camera does not have a video mode due to heat buildup on the chip. You can read more about it here:


Since Nikon uses Sony chips, I can only assume that if we get a CP8800 replacement, it would have to have similar design restrictions. Of course, we'll never really know until Nikon releases the new model, which can't be soon enough! :?

Hope this helps...

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jiaozi wrote:
Does anyone know when the replacement for the 8800 is coming out?

I have not been officially informed as yet but it is only a few months until the 2006 PMA Convention in Orlando and that is typically when all new models are announced and Nikon has always had rebate/clearance sales before new model introductions.
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Thanks Mark. So which is better when it comes to sensors, CCD or CMOS? Can you tell me what it means by an "APS-sized" sensor? Will this be a sensor similar to those in DSLRs? (Sorry for my ignorance here...I'm trying to learn.)

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I can't believe that the successor of the 8800 will use the R1 sensor. That sensor is simply too big for an ultra zoom. Already the current 2/3 CCD was the biggest ultra zoom sensor. Now, Nikon has to extend the zoom range to 12x. With the big Sony sensor such a lense would be monstrous. On the other hand for the Nikon 8400 the big Sony sensor would make a lot of sense, because a big sensor makes lense construction easier in the wide angle area.
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