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Hey people!
I'm not a expert camera-guy, but am in general pretty competent with electronics and such. I would rate myself as near-intermediate in my camera and photo understanding.
My 8800 is new - I bought it over an SLR because it had more flexibility, great zoom, VR feature and felt it would handle all situations with the competency I needed.
Here's my problem: I have a bunch of new nephews and nieces these days, and at family gatherings, I always try to get some good pics, in hopes of sending them out as framed gifts later on. Problem is, the shutter lag on the 8800 is killing me. I just cannot capture babies well, since they don't sit still terribly well. I swear it takes over 0.5 seconds for the darn shutter to operate. How fast is this camera capable of shuttering after I hit the button?
OR, what settings should I use, assuming I am taking these shots indoors in good lighting, or outdoors in good lighting.
Thanks in advance - I am fairly frustrated and thinking I screwed up and should have got the dSLR.


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According to another web site (I do not know if we can list competiting web sites' links here, so I will err on the side of caution), the Nikon 8800's shutter lag is as follows:

Shutter Lag, Full AF: 0.5 sec
Shutter Lag, Manual Focus: 0.3 sec
Shutter Lag, Pre-Focus: 0.1 sec

I probably cannot give you any advice on good settings, since I am still a 'clueless newbie' in general and with that particular camera. However, when I have the luxury of sitting and waiting for an opportune shot, I will do just that - with the camera pre-focused for minutes at a time (probably not practical for dynamic family gatherings). I will also use the continuous mode to take numerous consecutive photos when I think something interesting is about to happen. Also, if I am running around in a tight crowd (at a social gathering, for example), I will manually focus at the anticipated/common distance before the event, and maintain a greater depth of field in case the subject is not exactly at that distance (more often a hit than a miss, and various photo-editing applications will take care of the near misses).

Other than that, the popular consensus on these forums (and others) is to get a dSLR... sorry. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated by me as well.
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You've raised (again) a common complaint about the Nikon 8800. For some applications, likescenery it's no big deal. However for hyperactive kids, birds, ice hockey cross checks and the like, shutter lag is a real bummer.

P.S. if you think kids are bad, try hummingbirds! :?

S. Walter
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Hi. I've had my 8800 for nearly a year now and am very happy with it. But I would not recommend it as an indoor camera or for fast action. That may seem to eliminate a lot of usage, but as I like scenery and close ups, it's not an issue. When I do attempt moving targets, I just shoot a lot...deleting is free ! But I always remain amazed at the superb full zoom shots I can take. This doesn't help you, I know. My solution is to use my little Kodak digital for my rare indoor shots and the Nikon for outdoors. I doubt there is one camera (yet) that does everything well and is small enough to carry.

Regards, Steve
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Philmeister! Does the 8800 have a "continuous" mode?

I have a cp 5700, and it has a "continuous high" mode whre it takes a maximum of 3 shots at 3 fps when the shutter release button is held down. The "continuous low" will shoot at 1.5 fps when the shutter release is held down. The built-in flash won't work in either mode, but an external one will.

The 8800, being more sophisticated than the 5700, must have something similar -- likely better.


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The 8800 has a high speed burst shot mode in which it captures 5 extra resolution pictures at 2.7 fps. Actually there is one more mode that shoots 30 fps at VGA resolution. These modes use the same focus and exposure information of the first shot. They have been more than enough for me most of the time.
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Hi Philmeister,

I know what you mean!

I tell my 3/o niece to "hold that pose"! Grins...

Here is something that may help...

Prefocus on the babies...hold your shutter halfway down (this may take a little practice), then fire at the moment! As another poster said, you should .1 sec of shutter delay this way.

Also, you could use the higher resolution of of the burst mode or the best shot selector. Check your manual for this.

Good luck
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I've been troubled by the slow shutter, too. Thanks for your input. I am anxious to try your suggestions.:-)
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I had a D70, but lost it. No problem taking action photos with it, so you can imagine my disappointment when I began taking action pictures, indoors, with my new 8800.

I find the "5 shot buffer" helps. I get five different pictures as long as I press the shutter of my 8800. I never know, when I am shooting, what my final results will be, but, at least I have some choices.

I tried the "Continuous L" mode, but it ran off too many exposures and had to spend too much time deleting. So, I have settled on the "5 shot buffer" when I go to parties with my camera.

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That problem has plagued the 8400 and the 8800 forever. That is probably one of the reasons that Nikon has discontinued those two digital cameras. Look for something using the new Sony 10.3mp coming soon from Nikon to replace the 8800/8400.

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