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So I know how to use white balance bracketing but I got the brilliant idea to use it for exposure. Here's my problem. I set the camera up the way it said in the manual but it only produces 1 picture. I thought it was suppose to produce 3 like in white balance bracketing. What did I do wrong?

Nevermind... I called the camera store and they explained you have to take 3 pictures in a row. I'm a dork. Boy, that is pertinent information they left out. haha
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Jane,It's not a dumb question, just a poorly thought out "feature."***The first time that I used exposure bracketing, I was anticipating that the camera would automatically take three pictures. I was very disappointed that I had to push the shutter release three times. What a dumb implementation! Once I've told the camera that I want to bracket, it should automatically take the exposures as fast as possible!***Even using a tripod, one must be very careful not to move the camera when pushing the shutter release. One time when I over layed two exposures, some of the leaves and branches were off set so that it looked like a double exposure. Not what I wanted.***Nikon could have written better software.***Gordon
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