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Default Nikon Coolpix 990 - Slow to write TIFF files ?

Although I have owned my 990 for about 18 months now, I have only recently tried to take photographs in TIFF format. I am astonished by the delay that occurs after taking a photo before the camera is ready to take the next one. With a 2048*1536 (9327 KB) image, I have a delay of about 55 seconds while the hourglass icons go through their routine.

I thought that maybe the delay could be reduced by changing the 'image sharpen' setting from 'auto' to 'none', but that made no difference whatsoever.

I also wondered whether things could be speeded up with a 'faster' flash card, but that now sounds unlikely from what i read on the SanDisk site. They tell me that the write speed capability of their cards is up to 20MB (burst) per second. So maybe only 0.5 seconds or so of the 55 can be attributed to the flash card.

Can any other users tell me if there is any way to speed the process up? (I upgraded the firmware several months ago, if that is relevant). And just what is going on during those 55 seconds?

Thanks in advance,

Tim S.
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It's hard to predict the speed of flash on any camera unless you try it yourself... even the manufacturers change their internal flash organization to improve cost and yield. I did notice that my SimpleTech cards for example are dozen of seconds faster than my Sandisk in the CP990, but someone with a card of different manufacturing date could have an opposite result altogether.

Do you really see a difference with tiff, or you just don't want the jpeg compression? http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...266&highlight=
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I don't have experience iwth the 990, but I do have some general Nikon knowledge. The writing of tiffs is usually the slowest of the formats (second only to compressed RAW, but I don't believe the 990 supports RAW formats.) I wouldn't be surprised if the slowness is because of the processor in the camera, not the write speed of the card.

I would suggest doing some google searching. I searched on "990 tiff write" and found a PC Mag. review of the 990 that says it took 35 seconds to write the uncompressed TIFF file. Assuming their timing is accurate, then maybe a faster card would help you out somewhat.... but don't expect the speed you get with JPG.

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