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After reading so many posts about 8800 problems, I'm curious to see how many people are happy with the camera, and how many not. Mine has worked flawlessly for a year and I'm very pleased with it. I generally shoot outdoors and prefer nature still type shots, so any flash or motion issues don't matter to me. The big, steady zoom is the best feature, although I have had some great close ups.

Feel free to post any opinions. I hear it is discontinued, so the results don't matter.

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I have had my CP8800 since February 2005 and I am happy with it. It took me a while to get some better close-ups out of it; that is something I like taking, but that was never my reason for buying the camera (I still have my CP4500 for that). What I wanted was the 10x zoom and that is really good. I have not yet regretted that I bought it and there is still so much to learn, what I can do with it. I was very dissapointed when it became clear that it is going to be discontinued, even though I haven't see that mentioned on the Nikon website yet.Spare parts like batteries are already difficult to get here in the UK. Just as well I didn't want lense attachments.

Overall a camera which has got a lot to offer, if you take the time to get to know it.

Greetings from

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I have had mine since March of this year. No problems with it at all. Still trying to figure out some of the modes which are best for certain photos. I guess I just don't use it enough. Pictures have been very good. Video feature is great. I do have some out of focus shots with close up, but when I back off some it is fine. One of these days I will get better with it as well. Overall, I am happy with the purchase. Any input on better close-up shots will be a helpfull addition.
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My first two copies had 3-5 HOT pixels and a bunch of WARM pixels. My third copy (keeper) only has a couple of "warm" pixels. So far, my 8800 has worked without problems. Picture quality is about as close to a dslr as one can get with a P&S, IMHO.

But, definitely, the 8800 is not forspontaneous shots and/or rapid paced shots. It takes too long to focus and too long to process the photo and write to CF card (even with an 80X card).

So, I now have three dig. cameras:

the Pentax WP for rainy, underwater, snowy, beach,... kind of 'snapshot' photography

the 8800 for a compact (compared to dSLR) all in one 10X zoom digicam for hiking, travel with less to carry, etc.

and my newly acquired Canon 20D with lenses for spontaneous and fast paced shots, low light level shots, and when I want the best possible results.


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Man, you're heavy equipped with armour and sword!
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Had mine over a year now, it's been great just a bit slow, only seem to use it on holidays these days and for taking pics for Ebay on 640x480, what a waste.

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Old Jan 1, 2006, 1:19 PM   #7
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:roll:Just thought I'd throw this in. I have a set of Bower adapter tubes. 1 tele,1 wide angle. They came with the respected lens's. If someone needs them they are yours,just pay shipping. I am keeping the len's though. I do need the macro part for the wide lens...."Merkury" If anyone has the macro piece for the "merkury" wide I can sure use it.
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Old Jan 4, 2006, 5:37 PM   #8
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I have had my 8800 for several months and taken several thousand shots. Overall I like the camera except for the tendency to have underexposed flash shots. While the response time is slow, the results are (usually) very good.
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I have had a Sony DSC-f707 for a few years and was happy with it. I also have a Sony DSC-F88 and am happy with it. I was looking for somethingnewer and current that has a tilt or flip display, longer zoom, hot shoe, and image stabilization if necessary. I did not want to go the DSLR route. I decided on a Nikon Coolpix 8800 as I had Nikon film camera in the past and was happy with them.

I am sorry I got the Coolpix 8800. I got mine in June and have taken it on vacation this Summer and a 15 day cruise in Sep. It is terrible, I am missing shots as it takes too long, it can't do some of what I ask, the controls are not intuitive as others note here. I got the external battery pack and it doesn't last long at all. Had it die in the middle of a day of shooting on the cruise. I have the new Nikon speedlight but somehow the camera and flash seem to work at odds with each other. I find I am using my little DSC-F88 much more and am developing a stong dislike for trying to get the Nikon to work. Yes if you set it on a tripod and take pics of still life or things that do not move, it takes great pictures. However in real life things move and the lighting isn't perfect. I miss the night framing the Sony had in the DSC-F707 and isn't on the new R1 (and that has a smaller 5X zoom lens)
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All in all, the 8800 is a great camera. 10X, VR, 8 MP, etc. I've had mine for nearly 2 years, had it on a Mediterranean cruise and have taken thousands of pictures. Not perfect, but a great alternative to my Canon 20D and several lens when I want to be discreet and travel light.
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