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Default Can't use 5700 w/ polarized sunglasses?

I just returned from a trip to southern CA and realized that when I was wearing my prescription-polarized sunglasses, the viewfinder is almost black. I had to tilt the camera 90 degrees to see anything. Like holding 2 polarizing filters together and rotating one of them. Bummer! I had to wear my regular clear glasses all day to take pictures on the bright San Diego beaches. Are all electronic viewfinders "polarized"? I looked through a friends Minolta Dimage 7 and I could see with my polarized glasses on but it seemed dim. Still, much better than my 5700. Do I have to buy some plastic-flip-up-geeky snap-ons?
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It's not just your camera, any display even the GPS, LCD or LED indicators in your car will dim (or disappear altogether) when you wear a polarized sunglass, that what they are designed for (ie cutout all the light except from one dimension). You might even notice some imperfections in the diplays manufacturing process too :lol:

As to the D7s check its real-time histogram when you can't notice the polarizer effect clearly in the camera EVF: the peaks of the histogram are reduced or moved sideway as you rotate the front polarizer. You can usually judge the desired setting by rotating the front polarizer back and forth! 8)

Have you try to adjust the EVF brightness, or store this brighter setting in a memory location so you can recall it when you are wearing a sunglass?
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