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Default About to buy my first digicam... lots of questions!

First of all I would like to say that this is a wonderful site. The reviews are extremely detailed and very well written!

I am about to buy my first digital camera and I am confused.
I am a semi-pro photographer and I'm looking for an SLR type camera.
I have three candidates: Fuji S602, Nikon 5700, and Minolta Dimage7i.
My price range is $600-900, so I guess the Nikon is out of the question(?).

My main concern right now is the depth of field. I read in some reviews that the Nikon for example has a true iris-type aperture which enables "real" depth of field control. No word about this has been mentioned regarding the Fuji, so I wonder what this feature may be and how important it is. Since I mostly shoot portraits depth of field is extremely important to me.

Can anyone give me more details about this, or in general which camera I should buy?
Thank you!
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If your main use of the camera is to shoot portraits, you could include the Nikon 5000 or the Canon G2 as additional candidates for your list. The Minolta Dimage 7i seems to provide the best value for the money. I considered the original Dimage 7, but I ended up buying a Nikon 5000 because I don't like electronic view finders. There are so many choices, many of which will suit your needs. Good luck!

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I am in the same boat. I just sold am old Mavica and now I want to move up to either the Nikon 5700 or the Dimage 7i.
I have read where th Dimage eats the batteries and the Macro distance is further away than the Nikon. Does this matter?
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i pick nikon d1x all the way...thats what i got...its price at first...but it pay itself off in no time...all the options of a film slr but happens to be digital...semi pro right?
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if you consider to purchase ONLY SLR camera please skip the rest.

have to state that I didn't use SLR cameras ever. Have just bought SONY F707 after NIKON CP885. SONY F707 has the EVF, but seems to be close to teh professional camera. Indeed you can forget about the manual focus with EVF but the LCD screen is good enough for manual focus & gives the "pre shot" picture with setted depth of field. You can have a look at the sample fotos with different exposure values at: www.dpreview.com

+5 mgpix. The price range is around $900,-
Good luck.
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