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Hi I was wondering how long the batteries are lasting for other 8800 owners?

Mine last ok while using camera, but if I leave the battery in while not using camera it will be flat dead in a coulpe hours. And that is with both of my batteries not just one of them. They both die just as fast. I actually take the battery out while walking to be able to use the camera for an entire afternoon.

Anyone else? or do I need to send it in for repairs?
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Just in this Christmas I took some night shots with flashes. I can't remember the actual number, but I'm sure it's way over 80. There was a time I took pictures without flashes at the zoo and I'm sorry I can't remember the number, but at least it gave me a 'FOREVER' feeling. Just, I've attempted to kill a fresh battery by keep shooting with flashes, but at the80 pic, the battery indicator is still full. So, I don't menage to carry on, because I think it is different than shooting normally. Also, I do find battery's life is shorten, yet, not dead,if let sit in camera in a length of time. In a decent length of time like week after week, not couple hours.

You must send it in for repair or exchange immediately. Hope yours still in warranty.

Good Luck!

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I think the battery life isn't too bad, no where near as good as my old Optio 550, butI dont think it should die in a couple of hours when not used, just lately I've only been using mine for Ebay pictures and I often leave it for ages (days, week even) with half a battery and whenI use it again it still has half.

So it would seem like yours may have an internal fault (or two faulty batteries) that is draining your battery.

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I just wanted to check cause when I first got it I had same results as you guys explained here, It started draining battery fast about 5 months after I got it.

i will cotact nikon
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I've had mine for over a year with no problems...except one time. I hadn't used the camera for about 2 weeks and was surprised to find the battery flat, although it was full when turned off. It's never done it again. You must have a problem if it is draining in a couple of hours.


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The Veritable, Imitable, The Only Scubbler :-)(et other photogs),

You can always go with DPS 9000.

It is an external battery pack.


1. No more expensive than proprietary batt. (~$40 online)

2. Will work with almost all dig cams so if you upgrade/change digcams you dont have to buy another battery!

3. Lithium based so works well in cold.

4. Comes with car charger!

5. Last for hours firing flash after flash!

Just Google for it.

P.S. My birthday is coming up so.....if you wanna buy two...and drop ship the second one...:idea:

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