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Default CP900 2yr shelf life,, kaput ?

Have had a cp900 sitting on a shelf for a couple of yrs or more ... no batteries installed, climate controlled closet - looks brand new still,,,, my old faithful digi cam that for some reason I lost interest in.

Tried some batteries in it & No Signs of Life. Thought maybe old nimh batts, tried some older Hi-Power redTop camera batteries. NoGo again. Let her sit another year and finally...

Bought her a new eveready 18hr auto shut off charger & 4 of their 1850 nimh's -- they work in MS wireless mouse, but not the camera -- it still won't start.

Anyone know the start-up trick ?
Or what and where to look if I should go buy a mini phillips screw driver.

I have a second cp900 in two pieces,
should have sent it back under warantee a long time ago
... back in the days when they had those bad swivels .

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Have you tried leaving the charged batteries in it over night and then tried powering it on? It has an internal battery/capacitor that needs to be charged up. This may or may not solve the problem but worth a try - otherwise it is dead.

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Old Mar 15, 2003, 7:31 AM   #3
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Thanks for the idea.

Left batteries in over night or so, still no sign of life ...so I then banged its backside edge on the carpet. thump thump. flicker of life,,, thump thump again (not overly hard - but solid thumps).

Worked - some what,,, battery charge level kept moving around, could take a quick pic and then would need a re-boot for another pic. No zoom and it shuts down if switching menu or anything quick.

Charged the batts up and installed at peak volts & the camera instantly started working -- zoom zooms, just snapped a card full of pics and they look good. Need to relearn the controls. date default is 1998,,, maybe its been shelfed a longer time than I thought !

Was there a size limitation on Flash Mem Cards,,, think my single largest is 16mb,,, might go buy a 128 or so now that they cost less than 16mb used to.
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Sound like maybe the battery contacts in the camera may have a little oxide coating on them which can happen in storage. Try cleaning with a few wipes with a clean pencil eraser. Bumping the camera maybe broke through the oxide.
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Camera works fine now after shooting a few dozen pics, just needed exercise. Dug out the wide angle and fisheye... new toys all over again.

The only Hmm is... the date zero`s and needs resetting at each battery swap no matter how swiftly i move .

Bought it a new 128mb sandisk, $15 after coupons & mail in rebate... amazing considering what they used to cost.
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