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Seems like Nikon has reduced or eliminated most Prosumer type cameras like the 8800 & 4800. :!:

Is it in hopes of stimulating the Nikon higher end, higher priced, bigger margin profitmodels.

Get better product, functionality, and field convenience from above cameras than many professional newspaper reportrersusing higher end camreas with multiple lenses and batteries that die quicker in outside cold weather operation. B&H, others no longer seem stock these intermediate cameras.

Looking for comperable Nikon camera(s) for backup or to recommend to friendsand only see Coolpix S4that have less capability or lack VR.

Please, anyexplanations/recommendations?

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How about words: money, more money and still more money as explanation.

Reason is very simple, they want to push users wanting more controls/features than shutter button to their cash cows, DSLRs.
They can make much more profit by selling DSLRs because to get equal capabilities consumer needs to buy multiple lenses. As bonus consumer isn't going to jump so easily to bandwagon of other makers regardless does it have better products because lenses are proprietary staff.

And thanks to fanatics of SLR religion DSLRs are more media sexy regardless of facts like that low end DSLRs have worse control layouts than high end prosumer... just how many consumer DSLRs there are with two control dials? (with other dial directly controlling exposure compensation... or so that dials are used for changing values of settings instead of "morse coding" button tapping)
Good example of that is how KonicaMinolta A2 was dumbed down to standard controls/features level (and named as A200) for making room for their low end DSLR and avoiding direct price competition of El Cheapo DSLRs.

From other direction BS departments of makers are really abusing words prosumer/high-end/advanced and constantly lying about every button zoom, all controls behind menu surfing/button tapping cameras being as high end/advanced cameras while in reality those are just basic Point&Prays whose only efficiently working control is shutter button. (not to forget lack of wide angle)
And again because those "me-too" Point&Prays are much cheaper to produce than real prosumers they can make more profits by lying/claiming those as advanced cameras and selling them with bigger price tag than what would be approriate considering features. (but still cheaper than real prosumers making these again more media sexy)

So I suggest looking towards older models not designed by marketing clowns and saying "**** you very much" to BS departments.
Megapixel levels have been longer on completely big enough level so even in that aspect not-newest models aren't bad choises.

"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it."
-George Bernard Shaw
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Thanks so much. Had concluded that was new corporate game plan.Was just looking foraffirmation.

Recently, trying to peddle big professional clunker models to me with lists of required accessories, several vendorsfranklyexpressed their outrage at howthe mid-range modelsbadly hurt their profits. They want toquickly move back into old arena of much larger margins via those old proprietary box, parts, and pieces models you noted.

Kind of like RCA spending billions in the 1970s to saturate the market with disk players in effort to stop the VRC evolution!

Amazing how the mid-range models evaporated almost overnight!

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