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Another thing that is unclear. Did you actually print the two images or did you view them only on a monitor?

The reason I ask: As you probably already know, when you crop a file, you remove data from the image. In turn, if you print the image before cropping and after cropping, both at the same print size, then the image after cropping has less data per area than the image before cropping.

Given that, you should have actually seen degradation in the G3 image between the two prints.
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Another thing to consider is selected focal lengths. I can handhold a lens at 4X much more steady than a lens at 8X. At 8X, I really have to watch the shutter speed and also try to always brace the camera or use a tripod.
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Thanks for the feedback.

To answer one question, the prints were 4x6".

I think the answer might lie in the last response about hand shake. Both cameras were used hand held without a tripod.

And that's is exactly what I wanted to test because, when I'm travelling, I won't be carrying a tripod in my backpack. I wanted to see if I could get as good a shot with the Canon G3 as with a large hand held zoom by cropping the Canon photos.
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Default Several comments about the 5700...

Biggest gripe... manual focus. It's awkward, and really not conducive to high action sports and such.

Second biggest gripe... battery life. I rotate three batteries (one a genuine EN-EL and two generic) and wish they'd last longer.

Third biggest gripe... needing to buy an aftermarket adapter to use filters. Yes, it IS possible to use filters (more on that below)

Having said that, this is a phenomenal camera. I use it to do nature shots, people shots, macro shots, archival quality image splicing... you name it, it does it.

First Biggest love: image quality. Wow, professional results when you want them. Beautiful prints from wallet size to 11x14 and bigger. You could make posters with this camera.

Second Biggest love: macro feature. If you want to shoot all the eyeballs on a gnat, this is the camera to do it.

Third Biggest love: All the manual settings you'd ever want, but it's a good point-n-shoot if you need it to be. I use manual settings, but my husband uses all auto. It's good for our family that way, as simple or as expert as you'd like.

Now, about those filters. There's a guy named Bernie who, as a side business manufactures Coolfix adapters. Nice guy, fantastic product. I purchased two from him: a 46mm that attaches with a nifty 0-ring to where the lenscap would be and have a UV filter on there now as a lens protector, and a variable adapter. You can use just about any filter on there you want! There are other size filters available as well. So, if you want a polarizer, a special effects filter, or whatever, there's a filter adapter available for you. You may go to his site at http://members.rogers.com/nextphoto/order5700.htm for more information.
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Wow...glad I looked in this part of the forum. I've been trying to decide on my first digicam and am now debating between the Canon G3 and Nikon CP 5700. I will be taking outdoor shots but also car pictures and indoor shots at kickboxing and jiu-jitsu events. Are the indoor shots without use of the hotshoe really that bad? The zoom and macro of the Nikon are good. What do you guys think? I might look into the Oly C750 when it comes out next month.
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Default 5700 aa battery pack

I purchased the accessory battery pack along with the camera and am truly satisfied with it. I got a rayovac recharger with 12 aa batteries at Home Depot for about $50.00 which gives me a second backup set. I have not yet used up a full set in a day of vacation shooting.

The really neat thing about the battery pack is that it gives you a much better grip, as well as a second shutter release and zoom button for shooting in portrait! The camera is actually more comfortably to hold (My hands are not small :shock: ) with the pack onboard, and it also sits more stabile on a flat surface.

The pack replaces the standard battery completely and has a storage spot for the standard battery cover.

The camera is truly amazing, though it does have a definite low light focus issue. I am experimenting with fabricating a small lazer pointer bracket to try that workaround (see some of the posts about focus probs.)
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Default Did you buy the camera yet?

Did you buy the camera yet? if you have your camera, can you talk about your chioce? and why? and if you are happy with it?

My first camera was a nikon 995, I said the same than you, my first and last digital camera!!!!, then I sold it and bought the nikon 5700, and then, two months later I had the chance to sell the 5700 with all my accesories and now I have a nikon D100, and each camera has been fantastic, so you better plan, it is to consider the fact that some day you may want another digital camera and I think it is a good idea to buy the same brand, that way, the learning curve it is easier and also you know what to expect of that brand!!!
Also let me tell you that after using the D100, I just can't come back to a non SLR digital camera, the 5700 it is great camera, but focus it is really slow (compared to the d100) the manual focus it is not usable for practical photography, I liked better the manual focus on the 995, and also the battery on the 995 was better than the 5700, but the battery on my D100 it is even better than the 995!!!, If your plan it is to start learning about digital photography, the cameras you are looking are perfect!!! but if your plan it is also to be really serious on photography and you dont want to buy and sell cameras before you get to your first SLR digital camera, you better wait some time and start saving for your first SLR, because when you start buying accesories for the 5700 for example, you are going to end spending almost the same money than for the d100 body and one lens for the SLR, and with that basic equipment, you can do a lot more than the 5700 with all the accesories together, that it is my experience!!!!.

Have fun with your first digital camera!!!
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1. if you're shooting flash with a lens hood or wide-angle lens (WC-E80), you need to have an external flash since large accessories block the flash sensor. would have been nicer if the sensor were up higher. don't know what this would do with those who have the 72mm setup.

2. absolutely no flash is possible with the user sets in bracketing mode, best shot selector, or multi-shots. flash is locked out in these types of user sets that require a hard reset of each user setting to clear it.

3. eats up your battery (EN-EL1) if you have a microdrive. however, if you have the optional battery pack MB-E5700 or any other optional battery pack, power is no longer a problem.

4. action shots (but that might be just due to my inexperience). I don't do actions very well.

5. depth of field is shallow for macros (about 1" to 2" front/back).

6. no built-in screw mounts for filters/lens hoods. however, this is a minor annoyance since you can get a BERNIE's NEXTPHOTO adapter that solves that problem.

7. the tiny buttons on the left side of the barrel are too easy to accidentally reset. I've done this a number of times and it's annoying.

8. cheesy shutter sound. more like a beep with a low level click. I have often second guessed myself if I've pressed the button.

1. flash syncs all the way to 1/2000 sec.

2. user sets allow quick access to shutter/aperture priority/metering options that you like to shoot with.

3. extra saturation (+1) is really great. just make sure you don't use it for people shots (faces look funny rouge-like. discovered this by accident while shooting my kids.)

4. super for macros. even better when you toss in a SIGMA macro lens attachment on the end of the lens.

5. focusing indoors with only a 25 watt flourescent bulb (=75 watts) in a lamp shade is not a problem. built-in flash wiIl pop up (providing you have auto flash on). I guess I don't understand why people are making such an issue about focusing in low light. to be totally fair, it does have a problem focusing in really dark situations with very little contrast.

6. LCD is really great for those high overhead, low stooping/ground level, or clandestine kind of shots. I don't use the LCD very much.

7. love the EVF. it displays all my settings before I shoot.

8. really great 8x zoom that's good from 35mm - 280mm.
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Have any of the CP 5700 owners ever tried shooting action shots? If so, how did the pix turn out and how much of a pain is it to set the camera up for such pix?
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Have any of the CP 5700 owners ever tried shooting action shots? If so, how did the pix turn out and how much of a pain is it to set the camera up for such pix?
How fast are the action shots you are considering? How about the lighting?

I've taken my 5700 to the horse track and got some pretty good action shots. Of course the Southern CA sun was beating down on my subjects.
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