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Default What are you using it for?

I have been into photography for many years and have been using digital for the last 5 years. If you are looking for convenience, p&s then the 5700 is the way to go. If you want quality digital the D-100 is fabulous. I will keep my 990 for convenience. Travel overseas, the 990 is great. But I cannot tell you how fabulous the D-100 is! It is tremendous. I picked mine up yesterday at noon and have over 250 shots already and they are tremendous! Using real lenses again is so nice! If you have a 99X keep it and buy the D-100 you will not be disappointed.
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Hi olson99,

The reason I'm getting a D100 (hopefully early next week), is because I want the best quality at the best price, with the option of adding different lenses.

I probably would have got a D1x, but for my needs, it was just too much money when including lenses. I think the D100 will focus as fast as I need it, and if not, then hey, I'll sell my D100 on ebay and get a D1x. I saved $2000+ by going the D100 route, and since I did, I purchased an AF-S 80-200 and a SB-80DX.

I also do not like EVFs. They indeed make my eyes go crazy after a period of time.

From your post, it does seem as if you would be better off with a 5700. It looks and appears like an awesome little camera. I just can't get over how small and compact it is. It will certainly be in camera bag, next to my D100 in the future.

- JB

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Thanks for all the additional replies!

Now that the D100 is out, we are seeing the excited posts from new owners. Hopefully when the CoolPix 5700 comes out later this month we will see lots of new excited owners post their good news.

If I was more than a hobbiest, I'd get the D100. But I still have a full time job that is not photography related. When I retire in another 3 or 4 years and have more time for photography, then I'll go to full digital SLR.

For now the 5700 will fit my needs quite well. I just hope that it lives up to my expectations.

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Default D100 vs 5700

I too have been watching the news on the D100 versus the 5700. I am a 990 owner and want to upgrade. Last year I bought a D1 from a professional photographer since I own some Nikon lenses. It is unbelievable what I can do with it with some good software but let me tell you of a problem with it. It, like the D1x and d1h and I guess all digital cameras, has a CCD which is charged. That charge attracks dust. When you change lenses you have to be careful to make sure it is not in a dust environment. The higher the pixel count the more you see the dust on your shots. You can edit it out but this is time consuming for sure. Do not get me wrong this is not a major problem but something to be aware of. You can try to clean the CCD yourself but this is hard and it is very easy to ruin the camera if you are not careful. Sending it back to Nikon for a cleaning is very expensive and time consuming. This problem leans me to the 5700 since I shoot many pictures the same way and you don't change the lense. So I see a benefit to not having to change the lense. The question is: Has the technology changed with the D100 so the dust problem is not a possibility of happening? thanks and this is a great forum. Jim
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Default The Down Side of D100

This thread is like a rerun of my own thoughts. I've got a film nikon and a (now on the blink) Kodak DC290 (2.1 MP) digital. While I've been an avid photographer for years, I found myself using the 290 more and more as it's easier to spend electrons than dollars on film.

I would MUCH prefer the advantages of the D100 over the 5700, however, there is one clear disadvantage to the D100: It represents a Digital SLR "work in progress."

I say this for two reasons: First, most serious photog's would concur that the resolution needs to get to 8MP before it "truly" surpasses film. When you look at the technology, you know that day is coming. Second, the 2-D array still doesn't cover the full 135mm format of the '35mm' SLR. This results in a reduction in the functionality of those expensive lenses we've all been purchasing over the years.

How does this information effect my purchase decision? I THINK (big equivocation) that I'll go with the 5700 for now. Rationale: At half the price, I'll be making a giant leap from my DC290 and purchasing what is arguably one of the best P&S digital cameras currently on the market today (and a darn capable camera at that!). I can then save my big dollar purchase until digital technology advances to a clear superiority over analog and to see where the dust settles between CCD and foveon technologies. I'll definitely move to a digital SLR someday, but when I do, it will be to surpass my 3 film SLRs, not just add to them.
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it is my observation that the current crop of dslrs are interim products until the final design/engineering of the full frame dslrs arrive. i believe that is soon too. marketing is pushing the dslr hype. that is why we see evolutionary models instead of revolutionary ones. keep it flowing and the turn over going. there is money to be made.
those who purchase this current batch of dslrs (d100 d60) i think are going to be in for a surprise sooner rather than later. again i say it is only my opinion.

we went from 1.3 MP-6MP in less than 3 years. the dye size is still the same relative size. now thats going to change.

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But we didn't really go from 1.3 Mpx to 6 mpx...we just went from expensive to affordable 6 mpx. I've had a 6mpx Kodak for over 3 years. And there still isn't anything with higher resolution for 35mm-style SLRs at any price.

If we get full-frame 8 mpx+ cameras any time soon, my guess is they'll be in the $10K range again.
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i refer to the D100 as the poorest $2000 investment since enron or worldcom. the dslr is in its infancy. they have shoved guts off a digicam into a slr. conversion factors. good for long, stinks for wide. compromise. currently the widest normal is about 28mm equivelent and thats with a 17mm true lens. i'd wait a generation or 2. they have to make up their minds to either shrink the lens or supersize the ccd. but if you feel 2 grand is a small amount to drop for 6 months to a years worth of shots by all means have at it.

not 10k maybe 4-5k. but at least the lens will be what it says it is.

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Default D100 vs. 5700

I went to buy the 5700 and came out with the D100. The key reason is the zoom capability. I want shots of kids playing sports and the ability to get decent shots at school functions. I'm not a pro. The retailer correctly pointed out that the 5700 is slow focusing inside and the 8x zoom is only about 20% longer than my E10. I now have a 28-300 zoom lens which is equivalent to a 40-450 on a 35 mm SLR. So, aside from the fancy stuff the D100 can do, I can get great shots of my kids playing sports. That did it for me. Oh yes, that plus another $1400 over the 5700 after lens purchases.
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