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Default 3100 point and shoot

HI. Me again! After about 900 pix on this unit and 12 people trying this camera who have NEVER used a digicam before. I have to say that it is the most easy to use point and shoot camera i have seen.And i have owened many. The people who used it said that when they used the scene modes they felt like it was holding there hand to help guide them to get the best pix. Now its a point and shoot camera!! its not like my 4300 or 5700 or 885 or 990. Its not a g2 or any thing from sony. But for the new person starting out its great.MHO.
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Default nikon 3100 ?


I have a question I just bought the Nikon 3100 and take most of my pics with the lcd screen off but i notice there a huge delay from when i press the button till it snaps the pic. But with the lcd on, its instant. Do I have change setting in the menu to stop this delay, or is this normal when you take pic with the lcd off?
Can you do me a favor and check and see if yours does the same.

thank you,
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Default sharpis

Yes you are wright in what you are seeing. Iam not sure as to why but the 3 3100 i have tried are all the same.And its even slower when the battery power is about at half. But haveing said that iam still very happy with this LITTLE camera. The truth is that of all the coolpix i own i use the 4300 the most and like it the best. Iam not that happy with the 5700. Tealblue
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The shutter lag you experience is probably due to the autofocus mechanism. If it is like my 4300, when it is in Auto, the camera will continually keep focus on my subjects as long as the LCD is on. When it is off, the camera will not attempt to focus untill you press the shutter button; therefore the camera will have a longer pause while it acquires focus first.
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