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I am trying to select between casio S600 / nikon S5. :?

When I tried out the cameras (very briefly for 3-4 pix), I thought that the S5 had a noticeable lag between click and photo capture... :O
the S600 seemed much faster under same conditions.

Can anyone shed some light on this...
Has anyone compared these 2 cameras?
Has anyone else checked out the S5?? any thoughts??

I'm quite sold on the other features of S5 - but am kinda anxious abt this one..

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Hi vj -

I had the opportunity to own the Casio S500 for about 1 year before it was stolen a few weeks ago, and after a lot of thought, ended up replacing it with the Nikon S5.

The two things I really liked about the Casio were the slim factor; it was ultra pocketable plus I got a lot of oohs and aahs at parties (which made the parties more fun), and flash photos in dark rooms always seemed to come out great and better than my Optio S5i.

What I did not like about the Casio, and why I ultimately did not jump for the S600 as a replacement, was that the lens lost focus at the edges. It could have been my copy, but if I took a picture of a group of 5 or 6 people, the folks at the edges were always a little out of focus compared to the ones in the center of the shot. That, plus the lack of a super macro mode (which my Optio S5i had) and the fact that the lcd, while large and bright was only 84K pixels tipped the decision in favor of the Nikon.

I have not taken a lot of pictures with the Nikon S5 yet, so I am not completely qualified to comment on its pros and cons, but so far, the lens seems a little sharper, low light photos seem to be as bright as the Casio (although I have not taken photos in as extreme conditions yet), and the lcd is really sharp (although it has a bit of glare). I have not noticed a lag, except in a low-light indoor setting where the AF can't lock it down right away.

It is not quite as thin as the Casio (but probably stands upright on a table better), nor does the S5 come in a cool carbon color (it looks like the S6 does), but I think the possibility that the lens may be sharper plus super macro may make it a good choice. I also just noticed that the display does not have a histogram option, unless I'm missing it.

That said, I was really happy with the Casio, so either way, I think you will be making the right choice. YMMV

Good luck!

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