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Default CP 5700, Poor Nikon Customer Service

This is my first post on these boards although I’ve been a reader for a while.
I usually post on DPReview.
I am making use of the most powerful tool a customer can have, word of mouth.
I recently made the decision to purchase a CP 5700. When it arrived it turned out to be broken.
My 5700 has what has been described as an internal flash problem. According to my research, many people report that in Flash situations or when the Flash is turned on, the SB light blinks as if it is recycling, but it never does. Usually this happens a few weeks into the use of the camera, but some people have had the same experience as I did with it happening the first time they use the camera. My camera also can’t change modes when holding down the mode button and using the command dial.
I had bad timing in that I purchased this camera from B&H, and I didn’t discover the problem till they were closed for a week for Passover.
Usually, I would just return the camera, but it looked like I would get faster results if I had Nikon repair it. Also, when you think about it, my problem really was with Nikon rather than B&H.
Initially, I did not realize that this was a known problem. When I made my first call to Nikon technical service, and they had me try only one troubleshooting step before declaring the camera broken, my curiosity was raised. That was when I found out that throughout the Internet, several people had reported this problem, including a few who had the issue with two different cameras.
I think that I was being very reasonable in my request to Nikon. Since I received a brand new ‘broken’ camera, I did not feel that I should go out of pocket to get it repaired. I wanted them to pick up the tab for both ends of shipping. The best response I got back from a supervisor was “Maybe we’ll pay for shipping the camera to Mellville, but only if you send us a receipt and the charge is reasonable”.
I deal with many technology companies and I have never heard of a customer being required to pay any of the shipping costs for an Out of Box failure. The company I work for does not have that policy.
Nikon said that their ‘possible’ offer to pay for part of shipping was “Good Will” on their part. To me good will would be “We are sorry you received a broken camera. We will get you a working camera as soon as possible. For the inconvenience we would like to offer you an extra ION battery or $25 off your next Nikon purchase.”
If I had received a working camera, I would be looking forward to my second weekend of shooting. I would hopefully be well along the steep learning curve that the 5700 has. All the bugs would be worked out by the time a major music festival hits Atlanta during the first weekend in May.
Instead I am wondering if I will have a working camera in hand before a planned vacation during the second weekend of May.
I just wanted to make sure the board knew that there is a known defect with this camera. Granted, it is impossible to tell from the Internet, what the severity of the issue truly is.
There are a lot of criteria that goes into a purchase decision. The 5700 seems like the best overall camera for my present needs. Should everything else be equal and it comes down to the 5700 or another camera and service is a key issue for you, I would say to avoid Nikon. And this is from somebody who has used Nikon exclusively for 25 years.
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