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Default Steve, whats up?

Steve can you give us some insight. There is no website (including yours) that has any new Nikon review yet. No D100, 5700 or 4500. I would have thought that at least one out there would have posted something by now. What the heck is happening? Is Nikon pulling in the reigns on everyone, or is everyone just waiting for someone else to post first? People are starting to wonder if all the reviewers are dead! LOL
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Default D100 Issues ?

There certainly seems to be a lot of "sharpness" concerns regarding the D100. Especially over at the Nikon SLR Forum on dpreview.
Can this be explained by new users with their first DSLR or is something really wrong? I'd love to see a review from someone that really knows digital photography.
I'm on a list for a D100 but am getting nervous about receiving it. If the camera has real problems, I would turn it down.
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Default D100 - Don't cancel!!

Take a look at this pic..

This sharpness thing is just a red herring! Since I used to sell high end audio and most people at least have some sort of stereo, I'll make the analogy between the two.

Let's say I have two stereos side by side from two different manufacturers with the same power ratings. Now I turn one up to number 4 as per the number on the volume control knob. This gives me some set volume level. Now what do you think the chances are that if I set the second stereo to number 4, that the sound level will be exactly the same as the first one? It won't be the same! Does that mean that the second one can't produce the same output level? Absolutely not!

Remember that camera manufacturers set some arbitrary number as "0" level along the sharpness scale. That doesn't mean that one is right and the other wrong, all you need to do is adjust the volume!

After all, what we care about is the final product, not what number we use for in-camera sharpening. It's like thinking there's a defect with my car because I only press my pedal 1/4 of the way down to get up to 100km/h while the next guy get's to press 1/2 way down.

This is crazy!! People take pictures, not cameras!
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We have just recv'd the final production Coolpix 4500 and 5700 but our weather has been crappy the last week or so with rain and clouds every day. Yeah really, it does do that in Florida every so often.

I will post the sample photos and conclusions to those reviews as soon as I can. We're still waiting for a production D100 but it can't be much better than the beta D100 we have, it works great! Look at the samples we have up now.

Most of the "unsharp" D100 photos you're seeing are from newbies who for the most part are using el'cheapo 3rd party lenses - not good Nikon glass. The lens is responsible for at least 85% of the overall image quality in a SLR system, if not more...

Don't forget that the D100 is really a pro level camera and most all of the pro cameras generate images that are somewhat soft so they can be properly sharpened in software after capture. If the image is over-sharpened in the camera then there is detail that is lost forever, just like overexposure.

There is nothing wrong with the D100, it rocks!

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Default Thanks!!

Hi Steve,

I like the "mood" indicator you've got, and the "happy" status that it's indicating.

It's nice not to get a terse, bad mood reply from a website owner who is willing to speak nicely to the masses.! Kudos!
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Iīm thinking about sell my two F3 and F4 and buy a D100. But I have been recomended not to do it arguing that the D100 is basad in the F80, one of the worse camera Nikon ever made. lso recomended me that if I canīt afford the D1x, sell only the F3 and the Nikon manual lens and buy a Olympus E20.
What do you think about it?
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Why the E20 rather than the 5700? 5700 is cheaper with a longer zoom.
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