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Old Sep 26, 2006, 6:07 PM   #31
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Hi , I manage to find a friend who will go in SUA,Nikon Service Advisory is still valid? They will repair my camera free of charge?

Thank you
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Old Jan 7, 2007, 12:38 PM   #32
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My husband spent all last night searching the internet to find out what has happend to my Nikon 5700. Just before Christmas I was getting these pictures with extreme white and horizontal lines accross it --- it was horrible. However, it did go away.

Just yesterday it was back and did NOT go away. Spoke with Wolf Camera where we initially bought it back in 2003 and their response was send it in for repair (6 weeks) or buy a new one.

Let's just say my heart fell b/c we don't have 6 weeks to find out if its fixable since we're taking our 20 month old daughter to CA (Disney, Sea World, SD Zoo) and can't miss pictures with this trip!!

THANK GOD he found this forum...!!! :-) He's going to contact Nikon tomorrow and send it in for a rush. I'm hoping we're as lucky as some of you have been here on this message board we are able to get our camera back in time for vacation...

Thanks for ALL your help!!!!

A, J & P
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Old Jan 7, 2007, 4:12 PM   #33
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I eventually got my camera back just one day after the estimated repair completion date, and it's been working fine ever since

So, it took about two months, in my case, but I sent it to the Irish contact address first, and they'd sent it on to the UK, where it was then repaired and posted back to me. I'd guess it can happen much faster in the US, for example (=more repair shops..). I'm just happy to have my repaired"Lenore" back.
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Old Jan 17, 2007, 1:18 AM   #34
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Hi, I am from Malaysia and this is the first timeI post in this forum. I have a similar problem with my CP5700 - ccd problem after reading the various postings in this forum. I sent it to Nikon service center in Malaysia requesting for a free repair although Nikon Malaysia does not post such an Advisory concerning this faulty ccd. They came back advising that the fault is not ccd problem but a faulty main pcb and quotated a repair cost of US$250. They diagnosed the fault to be caused by the CF pin dented area in the camera. I challenged their finding whereby I sent a copy of the bad pic affected by the faulty ccd for reference. A reply came admitting the ccd problem but they insisted I paid for the main pcb replacement reason being replacing the image sensor alone will not help the camera to function fully. I am in a dilemma as paying $250 for repair is as good as getting a new camera. Hope someone here can provide the answers to my questions below in order for me to pursue the matter furtherwith Nikom. 1) Does repairing the faulty ccd as per the advisory includes replacing the main pcb of the camera? 2) Is it possible for the dented pinto cause such a severe damage to the main pcb thereby requiring a replacement instead of just repairing the pcb?

Thanks for your help.

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The 5700 is a wonderful camera. DOn't get rid of it! Put it on the P mode and just point and shoot. The more pictures you take, the better you will get. Learn each new feature when you need it. The lens is outstanding -- a fine macro as well as a good optical zoom. The rotating LCD is really a nice feature. I now have a Nikon D200 with three big lenses, which I really love, but the 5700 is a nice backup for long hikes or bike trips when I don't want to risk the heavy DSLR. You won't find another point and shoot that takes pictures like the 5700.

Jo Rita

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Old Aug 3, 2007, 8:10 PM   #36
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I'm very thankful for this string. I just got my 5700 back from the factory, as good as new. I simply mailed it in with the recall notice from the Nikon website. It is nice that Nikon is still honoring. There is still hope for these cute little cameras.

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Old Dec 10, 2010, 11:39 AM   #37
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Default Coolpix 5700

hi, everybody, i have a coolpix with the ccd problem. I live in Colombia - South america and i sent the camera to the nearest nikon center located in panama. The repair was for free but the courier it cost a lot of money.

After the fix, the camera works well for about 10 months after that the the ccd problem came back again 00(

How difficult could be repair by my self this problem? I read that the ccd problem occurs because this component parts with his original position and it is necessary to stick it again in his site. am I right? if the answer is YES, what kind of glue or similar should i have to use?

My camera is 5 years old, and i have another camera, but the 5700 its a fantastic one and i dont want to loose it so easily =0) I want my camera back!

Thanks for your suggestions and advices


endnote: Sorry for my english, my native language is spanish

TX Again!
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