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Sounds to me like you have already discharged the capacitor aranoid:
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opeth13 wrote:
I was too chicken after that to keep going but I'm going to give it another shot. How do I safely discharge the capacitor without damaging the board?
It's very simple to work safely:
-As soon as you see the capacitor's terminals, drain it with a high value resistor (typically 100k-1M) , you can use crocodile clip jumpers.
-Connect a voltmeter to check that the voltage dropped (around 2,3 volt is OK)
-Leave the resistor connected during the time you work on other things, you can also short the capacitor with one jumper once the voltage is dropped.

Got zapped is one thing, you can drop and break something, or get injured by accident too. Shorting a charged capacitor is also very dangerous, the capacitor can blow (or explode) and expel chemical material from one of it's end rubber seal.

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Hello again,

Yesterday I took apart the camera using the guide linked above. I discovered the problem. The cam engagement pin (plastic) is broken. I also lost the spring (that keeps the lens within its acceptable range of movement?) Is this a lost cause or can I order these two parts and replace them (cost effectively)?

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They only list the entire lens assembly in the parts list, but I found Nikon Canada's tech support staff to be very helpful. Maybe they have an assembly in pieces or a one with a bad motor laying around or maybe they can get the parts for you. The other option would to buy a parts only camera from ebaY but make sure the problem is not with the lens first.

Good Luck!!
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