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Default batt. help

i posted this under batt. and chargers? but tought it would be best here. were there are nikon 3100 user. here is the post:////////
well i bought a nikon cool pix 3100. did alot of research but not on the batt. was told it took aa. i get those free at work.
well they dont work and the aa alkilines work for about a minute.
the cr-v3 will last ///80 hours?///i can take about 50-75 pics with em. then they say some nick gold something but nobody has them around here. my ????? is how long do the recharbles last. and has anybody used aa lithium batts. in the 3100. the cr-v3 costs 10 bucks a piece out here. :shock:
i'm with search and rescue and carry the cam. with me. but charging in the field is out of the ??. just got to find a cheeper aa batt. that will work.
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What you want to get is a set or 2 of ni-mh rechargeable batt.AA size. you want a set that is rated at least 1800-2200. I use power-x 2200. And a good charger. You can get the set of 2200 and a charger from power x for about $35.00. Tealblue
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I got a new 3100 and returned it within a week for full credit, because it was eating batteries to put me in bankruptcy! The AA alkalines didn't work at all, the NiCads lasted about 5 minutes, and the ni-mh rechargeables that came with the camera croaked around 15 minutes per charge.

I called Nikon and then took it back to the store, and they all agreed that it seemed defective. Perhaps it is underpowered because it takes only 2 cells. Anyway, having had experience using it for a few days, in spite of the battery problems, I decided that I would rather have a 4500 (more expensive however). I like the added controls and flexability with the 4500, and have already made use of several features with great results since I got it around 2 weeks ago. It has automatic settings for the "point and shoot" crowd.

I have a few friends with 990's and 995's who are delighted with them, and the 4500 is a derivitive/improvement on them. To me, it is a great camera that should serve well for several years.

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I bought Powerex 2000 Nimh batteries for my 3100. At first I had a problem with short battery life so I called Nikon. They told me to charge and condition the batteries for a few cycles and then they should be fine. I did what they said and it made a world of difference. I get great life out of my set of Nimh rechargables now.

Oh, and I also had to upgrade the firmware on my 3100 to version 1.2 I think. Supposedly, this firmware upgrade was created especially for this battery life problem.

Doing these two things sure worked for me.
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Nikon USA has posted new firmware for both Coolpix 2100 and 3100 that resolves some battery problems - best to upgrade the firmware if you have one of these cameras.


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