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Hello all.

I currently own a Canon A80 & it lets me be quite free with setting such as shutter speed, apature, ISO etc - my problem with it is that it's a little big & heavy for days out & such - although it's small it will pull my shorts down on these summer days.

So I borrowed my mums nikon coolpix 4600 the other day & I was really impressed. It seems to take much nicer people pics than the canon & it's pocket size & not heavy.

I've decided I want to buy my own small camera for nights out & bringing along to races. All the Nikon compacts I've looked at seem to only use the modes such as winter / fireworks / etc so I don't really know what the camera is doing. It there a guide anywhere that lets me know. I'd like to be able to make effects like have a long shutter to motion blur people at races (I'm a runner) as well as light trails from traffic. Or maybe to make people disapear in museums etc. Apart from teh 4600, I've never used one of these cameras before. How free or creative can one get with them. I've been looking at the S5 mainly but would consider other nikons.

Aby advice / tips? Basically I want a small, light camera to take out on race days / social nights that would allow me to get semi-creative
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Bro', I have a cp 3100 with a lot of those modes and the owners manual doesn't have much to say about the actual camera settings used in the various modes.

I only see two things in the manual that specifically mention using a slow shutter speed:

Night Landscape: (I quote the manual) A slow shutter speed is used to produce stunning night landscapes. Focus is fixed at infinity.

Fireworks Show: Slow shutter speeds are used to capture the expanding burst of light from a firework. The camera responds more rapidly to the shutter release button. Focus is fixed at infinity.

It sounds to me like what you need is a camera that offers at least shutter-priority AE if not full manual. Unfortunately, I think that you have to go up to the CP5000 to get this -- and it's a bit larger and heavier than your A80. The S5 doesn't offer any of this, either.

If you want control features like your A80 in a smaller package, you may well have to look at other manufacturers. Try posting in the "What Camera Should I Buy" section of this forum. People who answer questions there will have advice about all brands.

In the mean time, you could experiment with the above-mentioned modes to see what you get. Who knows, you may get a pleasent surprise!

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