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Default Whites and ISO with Coolpix 3100

I am having two problems with my 3100. Well, I think one is a problem and the other is a gripe...

First, in all my flash pictures the "color" white is very misrepresented. All the whites are a glowing florescent hue. I shoot with the Speedlight white balance setting because it gets the best skin tones with the flash. If anyone is wearing a white T-shirt, their T-shirt glows big time, it's like the camera omits a blacklight effect with the flash!

Second, I guess this is more of a gripe with the auto ISO. Sometimes I will take two pictures one right after the other and one will be taken with an ISO of 100 and the other an ISO of around 400. The 100 pic turns out great and the 400 pic is terribly noisy. I wish there was a way to set it to 100, why does the camera think it needs to go to 400 when they always turn out bad at that level? Since it's auto ISO, shouldn't it set the best ISO for the situation?

Oh well. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing these same issues with the 3100 or other Nikon digicams. It would help to know I am not the only one. If so, maybe my camera is defective? Or maybe someone could offer suggestions to help with these situations. Don't get me wrong, I think this camera shoots wonderful pictures most of the time and I am happy with it! It has been my experience that all digicams have their own unique flaws, this (and a weak flash) just happens to be the 3100's, IMO.
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I just got the 3100 and "so far" have encountered no problems but hopefully reading what other 3100 owners such as yourself encounter will help me out should there be a problem.
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Default 3100 Auto ISO-- Results

My teenage son has a 3100. I would like to study some of his picutres, but no way-- he is a typical teenager and guards his privacy. But recently he showed me a few he took indoors with slightly less than normal lignt. He suppressed the flash somehow. Clearly the ISO was gained up and the pictures had some noise-- mostly some graininess in places, but nothing objectionable, and in some pictures the moderate grain lent a nice atmosphere to the picture. Of course he was not in darkness using a tripod for a time exposure, where the inability to fix a lower ISO could result in more noticeable noise. I will try to get my son to post some of the pictures (don't hold your breath). Experiment and see-- post some pictures showing what happens.
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Default Imaging Resource

Dave at Imaging Resource has some low level (less than foot candle) light shots at ISO 400 with the 3100-- check them out and see if the grain is acceptable (shots are noisy for sure-- but light is very low).
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