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csl1131 Jan 17, 2007 4:14 PM

my C-750uz does not turn on after i tried to remove the bateries and i accidently turn the camera on half a second before opening the batery cover

now it does not turn on any more...

with external DC adapter it turns on and it works everything exept when you try to use flash. after the picture has been taken(but only if you use the flash) the lcd or EVF turns off and the camera maks a bip bip sound for about 2 second , then the lcd or EVF turns itself on but the picture was not saved on the xD card.
ahd when the lcd or EVF is off in those 2 second it only consumes ~10-15mA , so the flash is not charging to blame that for consuming too much power...

and from the DC adapter to the batery there is no electrical conection at + and no conection at -, witch it was suposed to be at one wire, isn't it????

would ihave any chance of finding the schematic for the power supply to try to figure out what is wrong or potentional problems before i open the camera??

any ideas???:?:

could the fuse or a diode or something be blown??

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