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Just out of interest. Which viewfinder do you use the most - the external or the internal? I like having the choice but find it difficult to judge the focus on the internal one, although it's great for when the light is too bright to see the external finder clearly.
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Hi: It's just a matter of preference, but as an old 35mm SLR user, I'm used to using the viewfinder. I love the LCD for close-up and macro work, especially when using the tilt and shift. I also like the LCD for night shots while my camera is on a tri-pod.

But for most normal shots, my personal preference is still the viewfinder. I can adjust the viewfinder to my eyes so I don't have to use my reading glasses.
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Having used SLR and dSLR for a long time, I tend to use the viewfinder on the C-8080 rather than the LCD.

However, please keep in mind that we Americans are the exception to the rule. Most of the world seems to use the LCD to frame photos no matter what the external light might be.

Sarah Joyce
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Hey there,

I haven't a C-8080 yet, but am hopeful...

Idecided to comment, because I recently purchased a C-770 and the more I use it, the more I am drawn to the viewfinder. Of course, my LCD doesn't move around or anything..unless I jiggle the camera, that is... but I was kind of surprised to find myself - just in the past few days - hence, my interest in the topic - drawn to the tiny box in the upper left hand corner...

later, j:bye:

p.s. I, too, am an 'old' (not me, the camera style)(of course, age is relative)35 mm SLR user... and I admit, not having to shift my glasses all over my face to see at different distances, is an added bennie of using the viewfinder- now that you mention it, Mr R.
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