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Can anyone tell me if and/or how I can display the date or time on the face of the photo itself in a C-5500. I'd like to show the date on a screen display using something like Google Picasa or near the lower right of any photo I print. This is a snap on a Sony, but I can find nothing in the Olympus C-5500 Advanced Instruction CD.

Many thanks for your help
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The C-5500 (or any other C-series camera) is not covered by this specific forum (because they are not SLRs)...what you want is the "Olympus" forum, not the "Olympus E Series SLR" forum. They are different types of Olympus cameras.

Here's the correct Steve's Digicam forum link that covers your camera:


Regarding imprinting the date on the image, Olympus cameras don't do it...they encode the date within the image (via Exif information). There are programs out there that do this and someone in the Olympus forum should be able to come up with a name of one, do a search for STAMP and make sure to click "Search in this forum only"...personally (if I ever wanted to use this feature) I'd use the text feature within my photo editing program to do this so I could put it where I want, choose the colour I want, and put it where it doesn't disturb the picture too much.

There is one way to do it (on my old Olympus digital) which may work with yours via the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format)...this is for situations where you take the memory card to a place that prints the pictures, rather than do-it-yourself printing.
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Many thanks. You answered two things 1. You can't do it and 2. Searching on "Stamp" in the other forum sent me to a neat little program that will do it.

I do fail to understand why Olympus doesn't include this ability in their cameras as obviously MOST of the time the viewer is not viewing the photos on a computer. Another scarry thing, and I've been around computers for 45 years, is what do you do when today's CD/DVD technology becomes obsolete and all of these photos on disk are no longer readable. Try and find an 8" floppy. Finding a 5" disk is pretty hard, and those have become obsolete in just 20 odd years.

Thanks again for the pointer. I realize now I'm in the wrong forum, but am not sure how to clear these messages, but you did help immensley. P.S. The C-5500 is pretty neat and I have used SLR reflexes for years.
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