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I am in a quandry. The reviews of the Olympus SP-500UZ and the Olympus C-770UZ are so different in layout that I can't define which is the better camera. Could someone please give me some guidance. Thanks
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the C-770 is the older camera, while the SP-500 is the newly released camera. If video clips are important, I believe, but I am not certain that the C-770 has a leg up in that area.

Neither of the cameras mentioned have IS, that also might play into your decision.

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Old Jan 22, 2006, 2:41 AM   #3
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I had the C-770 and sold it just because I moved to SLR ,it is a very good camera the less MP but do u need it ? for about the half price of the sp-500 ( on ebay) from olympus auctions,and for the price of the sp-500 or a bit more look at the canon S2 IS,good luck to you.
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Old Jan 24, 2006, 11:09 PM   #4
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I got the SP-500 at Christmas. I looked at the 770, but for the prices I was finding on the 770 I went with the newer camera. I also prefer the color of the black Sp-500. I think the Sp-500 has a larger LCD also. I am still getting to know the sp-500 and reading the manual when I get a chance so I'm no expert. But so far my experience has been good with the sp-500. It replaced my Olympus D450z and has been a huge improvement but I think either new camera would be over the old 450z.

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Old Feb 5, 2006, 9:29 AM   #5
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I used to have a C-750, which was very similar to C-770 AFAIK. I'd been thinking about buying a DSLR, but haven't decided which model to buy yet. So before getting a more expensive camera, I wanted to get something that is easier to carry, has that big zoom and wouldn't require buying much new stuff like chargers etc. I decided to get a SP-500, which can use XD-memory cards and other things I had bought for my old camera.

I'm still experimenting with the new one. Starting using it was very easy. Only few things I had to check from the manual. Here are some differences I've noticed so far compared to C-750:

-higher resolution pictures
-bigger display, easier to see if the picture is ok
-faster startup time
-focus assist lamp improves focusing in low light. These focusing problems were one of the most annoying things about C-750.
-bulb-mode in manual mode - you can have up to 8 minute exposure time (would be better with remote control). Exposes as long as you keep shutter pressed.
-Supports 1Gb XD-memory cards.
-Timelapse - You can have the camera to take say 10 pictures every 5 minutes

-no external flash hot shoe. I only used internal flash, so this isn't a huge loss for me
-no remote control. This was actually quite useful thing to have
-USB-connection cover looks very damage-prone.
-It seems there's about as much noise in pictures as in C-750 when using higher ISO values. No big improvement at least.

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