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I still love using my 2100... but I need new memory card(s). I've managed to make my cards unreadable by this camera.) In other cameras the media is fine. Anyway, I was hoping to learn that there is a firm ware update for the 2100 that will make higher MB cards okay to use. Your help will be most appreciated.
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Try to format the cards via the camera menus to see if that fixes them.

As for larger cards, larger than what?

Smartmedia is an obsolete memory format, and AFAIK no cards over 128mb have ever been released. There was a 256mb card on the drawing boards at one time, but it never made it to market. 128mb is the largest size.

Users say that the Olympus C-2100UZ will work fine with 128mb Smartmedia cards, regardless of firmware version (even though only 64mb Smartmedia cards were out when it was originally launched).

Although there are are some differences in firmware versions between cameras, Olympus never offered a user installable firmware upgrade, and memory cards greater than 128mb for it are not available anyway.

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Hi Sambuca,

I had an C2100uz at one time and never had problem with cards.

At one point, card would not be read by camera but after about 9-10 "robust" insertions and removals of card (to "clean the contacts" in the 2100), it worked fine.

It may not be your card, it may just be the contacts within your 2100.

Don't sell it. It has some of the best glass ever and even though 2mp, it prints tack sharp clear to 8 x 10, no problem.

Also, how to move your pics from your camera?

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I should have looked at what was available for cards, sorry. I have an 8, a 16, two 64s and a 128... The short story is that I shoot a ton of pictures of my boy scout troop and there is another camera that uses the same media. I hosed up one of the cards many years ago when I did not know about the no-nos of card readers. Last summer the cards were given to a person to download the images for use in a camp wide photo album. Since then, I have not been able to use the cards in my c2100.

The cards do work in the other camera, so perhaps mine is just dirty. I'll try the in and out thing and see what happens.

It also sounds like I should find ore media just to have around.

Thanks for helping
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doing too many things here and not making the most of what I sbsaying...

I was able to repair the card I hosed back then. I can not get that solution to work on my XP box.

As far as get the pics off of the disk. I have been doing a COPY only using a reader and using the camera to format.

I can format on the other camera, but not on the c2100. Again making a strong case for dirty contacts.

I'll give it several assertive inserts and see what happens. I'll let you all know how I make out.

cul, Mike
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