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SlipSlidingAway Jul 18, 2006 3:41 PM

I recently had a problem with my camera in that the LCD doesn't display the picture correctly, it's just a bunch of horizontal lines. I know the cam is still working because the info it normally superimposes on top of the LCD picture is still there.

I called Oly and they want $185 to fix it. So I thought maybe there was just something loose on the inside, so I've been trying to get the camera open to take a peek. However, there seems to be one screen in the top middle that I can't find where it is. The front almost comes off, but that last screw makes it impossible. I guess I'd almost need a schematic to figure it out.

I decided with this problem to get a new camera, Canon S3 IS, but if I can fix this, I can give it to someone else in the family to use.

SlipSlidingAway Jul 26, 2006 11:09 AM

I guess it's my fault for not staying up to speed with the 5050 groups, otherwise I would have known about the service advisory for the camera:

I did call and the camera falls under the serial numbers that apply for the fix, so I'm going to send it in and see if they'll fix it for free.

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