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Default 2100UZ Help needed !

Hi !

I am a happy C2100UZ user : )
got this camera 3 month ago.
my first really nice camera.

I am a totaly beginner in photographing
but with this camera even I am surprised of what i can do with it ........ : )

I think this is a fantastic camera !
But I need some help and advise ......

I had some problem with HOT pixels in the beginning, but sent the camera to Olympus for repare, They did a great job and changed my CCD, so now it i perfect.
had to wait a month for it but it was worth it.

I wonder if anybody have tested the combination of using the MCON40 with the 10+ Hoya Closeup lens ?
or something else that works fine togheter.

I think the Mcon40 is OK, but wonder if it is any other lens that someone can reccomend me to combinate with the Mcon40 or replace it with.

I want to get closer and still get a really sharp picture with good focal length.


I have been looking for the......B-300
for some time now
No luck ! I really want that lens. but the prices on Ebay is totaly out of control.
almost 300$ for it.

OK... it looks very nice and I am willing to pay between 50 - > 200$ but not more.
otherwise my girlfriend freaks out : )
and my wallet as well ; )

I have heard from a photo dealer here in Sweden that he had them about 6 months ago, and guess what.......he sold them for around 50$ , but now they are gone......

Why did I not by this camera sooner

Well, well.......the hunting goes on.

I wonder if anybody have any clue
where I can find the B-300 ?
Or if it is anybody that knows of a similar lens as SHARP as the B-300 with the same zoom 1.7x or better ?
that can give a great zoom with a 55mm
connection, 49mm or higher ?
I have seen pictures of the A200 but it is not that sharp as the B-300.
anybody ?????

And...... is there any better lens than the
WCON E B28 0,8x Wide angle converter 55mm, that can get wider but still not vignetting or loose sharpnes ?


Is there any FISH EYE lens that is working well with the 2100uz ?

I wonder if itīs any differens betveen the
MCON40 and The B series Of the Oly HQ Macro converter, in sharpnes or focal lenght ?

If anybody knows something about these lenses , Tips Tricks, camera-dealers, please respond to me.

I am totaly hooked now, I love My camera, but want to take even better pictures, and learn moore about photographing.

I have found out that Hoya lenses is working fine with my camera, I bought the 55mm Circular Polarizer and the Skylight filter, and it works great to put them before the Macroconverter. witch is also 55mm.

If anybody can help me please mail me on
[email protected]

Best regards
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I have both tha A-200 and the WCON-08B and I have no complaints with either.

The WCON-08B shows no vignetting over the entire zoom range and the image is perfectly sharp. It is not useable towards longer focal lenght side of the zoom as the AF will not work properly and the image will be distorted.

Until I can find a B-300 the A-200 will do. A C-180 or C-160 will supposedly work well also, although the usefull range of the zoom is greatly reduced.
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Old Aug 2, 2002, 7:07 AM   #3
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Default I have the A-200

I bought the A-200 and it's FINE. The price on the B-300, in my honest opininon is not worth the difference in the two lenses.

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