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Default 5050 VS E-10

PLEASE HELP: 5050 vs E-10. I need to purchase one of the two very shortly (trip).I like the fact that the E10 is an slr, but also like the fact that the 5050 is small. I have the 3000 now, and a couple of the things i do not like are shutter lag and the delay between turn on and shoot( for the lens to extend) Any thoughts on which one? any beefs on the E-10 operationaly? thanks a bunch...
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You will experience the shutter lag and power up time with the Oly C5050 as with your current C3000. I have been able to compensate for shutter lag by either going manual or depressing the shutter button half way and let the camera auto focus before shooting. I am sure you are aware of the latter statement.
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On the E-10, although its shutter lag is around 60ms, it can take a while to shoot if the camera has to hunt for focus, especially true in low light scenarios. Prefocusing helps a lot, then you don't even notice the lag
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All digital cameras are going to noticeably lag if you do not prefocus.....just something you have to make part of your preshot routine. If you don't mind the additional size and weight, go with the E-10 (as I recently did). I love the SLR layout, especially the manual zoom vs. push button. However, if you want a camera that can fit into your pocket, the 5050 should be on your short list, although I'm not certain it'll be an improvement in your particular area of concern.

That said, even after prefocusing, there is a wide discrepancy among digital camera in shutter lag. I DO believe the E-10 is one of the best in this reguard.

The following is from the Imaging Resources reviews of Olympus cameras:

Shutter lag, full autofocus 0.542 Quite fast.
Shutter lag, manual focus 0.19 Also faster than average.
Shutter lag, prefocus 0.12 Quite a bit faster than average.

5050: Not yet reviewed

4040 (most similar camera if this helps):
Shutter lag, full autofocus 0.83-0.89 Average to faster than average. 0.83 in tele mode, 0.89 in wide angle.
Shutter lag, continuous autofocus 0.79 Not much faster than normal autofocus.
Shutter lag, manual focus 0.73 Slower than average
Shutter lag, prefocus 0.27 A little faster than average.

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thanks guys,.. i did get the 5050 and noticed the hi-burst rate to be very fast. I will figure out more presice times and post them.
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