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Default 5050 vs G3

Hi everyone,
I'm having a hard time deciding between the 5050 and the Canon G3. I have experience with Canon Film SLR's (I have EOS1 & several L lenses) and have flash and filters that will work with the G3. I like some of the features and ergonomics of the 5050 better (AA batteries, 5MP, Multiple media, magnesium body. I think I like the exposure & pictures better on the G3. I took a few comparison shots at my local dealer and looked at the pictures only on the 1.8" LCD. How much difference is there between 4MP and 5MP. I do have the capability of enlarging to 11x14 or even 13x17 although I doubt I'll make many prints that size. Any feedback would be very helpful as I can't sleep at night til I resolve this question. Thanks.
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it all comes down to image after all. My reason for choosing the 5050 was determined by the following:
1. extremely good ergonomics and button (read:not menu) controls.
2. f1.8 wide angle
3. small (will fit into my pocket -huge plus for travel)
4. great image history from my previous olympus digicam c-3000

I have noticed a bit of difference from a 3mp to a 5mp image printed(both to photo quality 24"X36"paper -i know this is extreme, but i have the means, and it gives me a great comparison test. I dont know the 4-5mp difference though.

My choices up to last saturday were the G3 and the 5050, and i could not decide until i held the 5050 -that was it for me.

By the way I also came from a canon film lineage (T90, F1N, EOS 630, EOS 600 and loved them all!!!)
hope it helps
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Old Dec 2, 2002, 12:42 PM   #3
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I agree with Geof on his analysis of the C5050. I touched and played with the C5050 at Circuit City yesterday. It is a great feeling camera.
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I think the 5050 is better just because of the design. I can't stand the look of the cannon G series. Style obviously is beyond them.

Whats the point of having a camera you don't like the look and feel of? Regardless of spec.
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I don't like either...although the Canon actually has some body on the left side to hang on to, neither camera has a good enough viewinder that blocks the sun (something I wished I noticed before I bought my C-700)...you can't attach a viewfinder cup to block the sun. Because of those things although it may be a good camera the C-700 (and other digitals that are electronics first and cameras second) are toys...it's like the electronics division never looked to see what the camera division has made so well all those years.
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