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Default 730 uz vs. 2100 uz

I am considering bying either the olympus 730 uz or 2100 uz, the 730 loses AF illumination and lens stabilization, but gains resolution and some what faster shutter speed. Has anyone had experience with both cameras to compare them.
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If you really want some heated commentary, go to dpreview.com and post your question in the Olympus forum there. You'll find that there is something akin to a religious cult surrounding the C-2100, and that no camera can compare to it.

The main differences I've noticed, besides the ones you point out, not based on owning either, are that the C-730 has more effective zoom, in that by cropping to 2 MP you get about 470 mm equivalent from that camera, that the C-730 has more noise, that the C-730 is lighter and more compact, and that the C-2100 is only available used or refurbed.

And, of course, there's that image stabilization, without which, according to many C-2100 owners, you can't actually use a telephoto lens without the shots looking like they were taken during an earthquake. This claim is easily refuted by the actaul handheld full zoom shots I've seen from the C-700 and 730. But IS is able to give you an extra stop or two handheld, which can be very handy somtimes. Useable high ISO, such as you get from the Fuji S602, can give a similar advantage.
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I've done handheld shots at full (digital) zoom with my C-700 with no problems. You can see some examples at:
(mine are under the name mikefellh)

We've discussed this over at the Oly_C-700 Yahoo group (also for 720 and 730):
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Default C-730 pros and cons over C-2100

I haven't owned the C-730, and I'll try to be as objective as possible on the differences from the C-2100. Let me first qualify that the information on the C-730 is that reported on reviews and in the forums, and I have not confirmed them. Check them out yourself to be sure!

Compared to the C-2100, the C-730 has the following differences:

- new
- 3MP vs 2MP
- lighter 310g vs 540g
- more compact
- 1/1000 vs 1/800 shutter speed
- slightly higher burst mode 2.4fps vs 2fps
- noise reduction for shutter speeds > 1 sec
- adjustable image saturation and contrast
- multiple area spot autofocus
- xD picture OR (not AND) Smartmedia compatibility
- autoconnect USB transfer
- greater EVF resoluton 180,000/.5 in vs 114,000/.55 in
- image playback
4x vs 3x magnification
- automatic pixel mapping
- macro down to 1.6" vs 3.9"
- 4 My modes vs 1 settings customization
- has internal speaker

- cons:
- lacks image stabilization
- lens physically extends/retracts vs fixed
- no focus assist lamp
- no contrast control on EVF - useless in dark
- smaller LCD monitor 1.5" vs 1.8"
- no center weighted or multiple spot metering
- no auto-bracketing
- no 1600 maH NiMH AA batteries or charger included
- RM-1 remote not included
- more purple fringing
- reported to be noisier

There may be other differences, but these are the ones that I would be interested in if I were considering the two cameras. I hope this helps!
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