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1. Be sure that the "P-AF" setting is set to "on"; and also the focus assist lamp.

2. But if you are shooting smoke rings in a relatively low lit room, change to manual and then use your focus lock. That will eliminate the lag.

I take a lot of low light shots, and yes, there is a lag on automatic, but it is no worse, and often better, than my other digicams. The photo results have been very good, even outdoors in a very dark area.
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to be fair, I haven't really had the chance to try it out properly yet (also it came with the arong manual.. gnnn.. :roll.. I just used it to point&shoot and noticed that in low light it was shifting about alot more before finally (auto-)focusing than my c-5050 used to. I'll play around with it some more over the weekend..


naiad (herbal tea only!)
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Old Aug 27, 2005, 3:28 PM   #13
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The slow autofocus in low light is the nature of the C8080, unfortunately. If you are trying to capture something spontaneous such as the smoke rings, push the shutter button halfway down to focus and get an exposure lock -- hold it there until the shot you want appears then press it the rest of the way to take the picture.

This will prevent you from having to wait for the camera to focus before you take the picture.
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yes...my 3040 works the same way...push halfway and hold it...wait and snap
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I have not had any problem with low light level focusing with the C-8080. Here is a sample photo where you would expect some problems in focusing, but I had none.

Sarah Joyce
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