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Default All Camera Owners

Shopping around today I noticed prices for both Smart Media & AA NiMH batteries vary by a factor of two for the same (advertised) capability.
My concern is putting a $39 SM card (or $9.99 batteries) in a $500+ camera versus buying a brand name SM card (& paying the going rate).

Considering the current draw associated with memory & batteries (ie, the heating from these elements is amazing), it would seem that quality is of paramount importance in these ancillary (ie, not indigenous to the camera) items as an intermittent short (or other quality defect- like slight flex of an SM card resulting in a short circuit, but reinserting it then it runs fine) could actually take out your camera & you might not ever trace it to the rouge element.

I noticed that OLY stresses to use only OLY brand stuff in their cameras. The rationale may be deeper than we are willing to accept. Thus, I buy "Monster" brand batteries (@ $20 a set) & SanDisk SM (@ $69 ). Never bottom of the barrel.

This lesson I believe was learned when I was young (had much less money) & bought the most inexpensive car replacement parts (ie, they didn't last and/or had quality defects).
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I believe there are only about 4 manufacters of SM, I try not too pay over $50 for 128 meg, batteries much diff, "monster" brand is not the same as the manufacter of the overpriced low quality cables?
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Default Smart Media Brands

I have used various smart media brands in my different Olympus cameras and all have worked. I pay $50 or less for 128mb. I have even found the Olympus brand on the internet for less than $65. If you are still worried spend the extra $15. Take a great picture.
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