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JustaGirl Jun 15, 2003 3:22 AM

Another crazy question....Image Size?
Ok, here's another one for the pro's here. We are posting a lot of our pics on a website. The site limits you to 100kb per pic. Should we take our pics in full high quality mode (2560x1920) and resize a lot (to achieve the 100kb or less) or take them at the 640x480 mode and only resize a little? The pics need to be very sharp in image quality and when we resize from large pics the quality decreases a lot.
Also, we use Paint Shop 7. Is there a way to determine the 100kb while in Paint Shop before we save the pic?
Thanks in advance.

somynex Jun 15, 2003 12:45 PM

it would probably depend on a variety of factors, like what else you wanted to do with your pictures (make prints, etc.), how much hard disk space you have, whether you like to do or how much post processing you do, etc.

what i usually do is take at either raw or shq/hq mode, then deal with the resizing and post processing bit later. i have no constraints in disk space, i usually do some basic post-processing (autolevels, unsharp mask, etc), and i sometimes may want to make prints out of my pictures, so raw or shq/hq mode works for me. for resizing, i usually use IrfanView, where i can do batch resizing, renames, thumbnails, etc., and using the Lancosz filter, the resizing comes out pretty well. You can take a look at to see how my resizing turned out from pics shot by the c2000 (2mp) and c5050 (5mp). Also included in that page is a link to irfanview, a pretty nifty program that's free to boot.

Hope this helps a little.


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