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cojones Jul 14, 2002 12:58 PM

any D-550 Zoom owners / users
I am considering upgrading from a 2.1 Mp (D490 Zoom) to this 3+ Mp (D-550 Zoom) and wanted to get any feedback from D550 owners / users.

Thanks in advance.

cojones Jul 15, 2002 6:41 PM

a.k.a. C-300Z
this model is also sold as the "C-300Z" in some markets

see a review here ->

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Nobody Aug 11, 2002 4:18 AM

Olympus C-300 Z/D-550 Z opinion
Everything about this camera is great except for 2 things:
1) More than average noise in darker/shadow areas, even at ISO 100, in indoor shooting. This is even worse when using (near) maximum zoom (where the maximum aperture is limited). At ISO 60 (only achievable when you set the ISO to AUTO and shooting outdoors in daylight), noise is not visible. So remember to set the ISO to AUTO when taking daylight pictures. But if you can overlook the noise, the indoor results are acceptable, unless you want to print them in 20 x 30cm format, where the noise would be rather prominent. But of course, noise/grain can also be seen as an artistic expression.
2) The battery life is shorter than advertised, but if using 1800 mAh NiMh batteries is still usable (if picture reviewing is kept to a minimum). Use the standard LCD brightness (donít make it brighter, as the power consumption would dramatically increase). The standard brightness is OK and is even usable outdoors. Keep a fully charged set of 4 1800 mAh NiMh batteries ready as reserve.

The low price for a 3 Mpixel digicam, the sharp and detailed images, good color reproduction (but sometimes a little bit over saturated), the good light metering, relatively fast auto focus and it's capability to focus even in very dim light, it's relatively good shutter lag times (but not outstanding) and fast shot to shot times make this digicam worthwhile. If you don't mind the occasional noise in darker/shadow areas in indoor shots, this digicam is very good for that purpose. I also like the relatively big 1.8" LCD and the good anti-reflective coating on it that makes it very usable outdoors. The pocketable size (coat pocket) of the camera and the pretty looking camera body (to my personal taste) is also a plus. The 3 Mpixel pictures at standard HQ quality (about 700 Kb in size each) are looking very good that I donít feel the need to use the SHQ mode yet (about 2 Mb in size). Maybe in the future would there be some occassions that the SHQ mode would make a difference.
For a good review where the noise/grain problem is mentioned, read

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